Neater Pets

An innovative pet company specializing in making pet owners' lives easier with effortless products.


Neater Pets is an innovative pet product company specializing in making pet owner’s lives easier. Starting with their flagship product, the Neater Feeder, Neater Pets has transformed the pet industry and become a leader in groundbreaking pet products. The team at Neater Pets focuses on problem solving the messiness of dogs and cats, so pet owners don’t have to! Neater Pets has expanded over the past few years and their products can be found in thousands of stores across the country, including large chains such as PetSmart and Petco. Neater Pets has also been featured on TV many times and holds the honor of being one of the bestselling products on QVC. The sky is the limit for this pet company as more products are currently in the works.

At the time, Neater Pets and their microsites were running on outdated platforms. As opposed to band-aiding their old websites, they hired BlueSwitch to re-platform to Shopify Plus. The first task was redesigning and re-platforming the main Neater Pets corporate site. The corporate site, which until now was mainly for information on the company/products, would become the main driver of B2C sales. Along with their main Neater Pets site, BlueSwitch was also contracted to recreate their microsites without changing the original design. Using the "if it’s not broken don’t fix it" mentality, BlueSwitch had the challenging task of using an old design on a new platform. In the end BlueSwitch completed the task and launched 4 different sites. One being the main site, and 3 microsites where marketing efforts were already underway. A separate B2B site is currently in the works as well.

the solution

Working closely with the Neater Pets team, Blueswitch completed all 4 sites in a timely manner. The design for the main site was refocused with lifestyle imagery and sentimentality in mind, while microsites were more focused toward a quick conversion with the “As Seen on TV” mentality. Orders started pouring in from the sites as soon as they were launched. Due to the success, more microsites are being discussed for the future with a new product line coming out soon. The BlueSwitch – Neater Pets partnership is in full flight!

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