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eCommerce Marketing Solutions

Expert digital marketing services from the Original Shopify Plus partner

Industry-leading digital marketing services

BlueSwitch Marketing Services are designed to help our clients achieve unrivaled success in the ever-changing digital landscape. We provide comprehensive marketing solutions, supported by the industry's best Shopify Plus designers, developers, and IT professionals. 

BlueSwitch Marketing

The industry's top eCommerce marketing experts

BlueSwitch marketing services were designed to meet the exacting needs of enterprise, disruptor and challenger eCommerce brands. We offer the services that our clients need most: Google Ads and paid social, SEO, Email & SMS, content and more. 

Through our unique combination of experience, expertise and dedication, we ensure our clients get the absolute best service, support, and results, month after month. 

Flexible marketing solutions designed to help your business do more business

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The Team

Why choose BlueSwitch Marketing?

  • 100% in-house team (no freelancers)
  • Technical support from our team of expert Shopify developers and designers
  • Full-funnel, omnichannel approach to marketing
  • Over 20 years experience in the eCommerce industry
  • Laser-accurate live link reporting
  • Results-based marketing strategies 
  • Proven results for enterprise, challenger, and disruptor eCommerce brands
  • In-person meetings with the team at our Manhattan office

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Marketing Services

PPC - Google Ads & Paid Media


Google Ads: Display, Search, & Shopping

BlueSwitch Google Ads services deliver industry-leading results for enterprise eCommerce brands. We use data, analysis and optimization to maximize ad spend, increase ROI, and drive awareness and discovery month after month.


Paid Social

Meta, Snap, LinkedIn, TikTok

Utilizing audience-specific ad copy and creative assets, along with detailed targeting and remarketing rules, our Paid Media service address users at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, and keep them engaged until they're ready to buy.


Marketing Services

Shopify SEO - Search Engine Optimization Services

Keywords and copywriting

Great content is the key to SEO success, and the BlueSwitch content team has a proven track record of successful content marketing campaigns. Driven by equal parts data and creativity, our content team knows how to harness the power of the written word to help our clients succeed.

SEO Sprints for eCommerce 

SEO Sprints are short-term SEO campaigns that have measurable, achievable goals. Sprints can be designed to accomplish any SEO goal: produce rankings for a specific set of keywords, satisfy the critical errors from an SEO site audit, optimize all the existing content on a website, and many more. 

SEO Audits with recommendations

SEO Site Audits are the best, fastest way to get a handle on your brand's organic presence. We analyze over 140 organic ranking factors, including on-page and technical SEO. From surface-level issues like duplicate content and broken links, to in-depth analysis of AMPs, HTTPS implementation, hreflang attributes, crawlability, indexability, and more. 

SEO Strategy and Coaching

The thing our clients love most about our SEO Strategy and Coaching services is that the service continues paying off long after the campaign is over. By teaching internal teams "how to fish" we ensure lasting success for our partners and clients.

Marketing Services

Email & SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing is the best way to entice customers and nurture relationships with the audience. We cultivate awareness and demonstrate value to introduce your brand to new audiences at the top of the funnel. We grab their attention and nurture the relationship with stunning design, conversational copy, and enticing offer. Then we strengthen the bond with remarketing, follow-up and thank you emails that encourage advocacy and repeat business.

Email Marketing Audits

Email audits are designed to uncover new opportunities, new audiences, and new ideas for your business. We examine every facet of the email experience, and provide a comprehensive analysis of your direct marketing strategy, with insights and actionable suggestions from real marketing professionals. 


Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy Services

BlueSwitch has over 20 years of experience delivering best-in-class marketing strategy services for eCommerce brands. Our marketing strategy services can encompass anything, including:

  • logos & branding 
  • influencer relationships
  • market & audience research
  • choosing the right keywords and blog topics
  • harnessing the power of social media platforms
  • identifying new audiences and market segments
  • finding the best MarTech and SaaS partners for your brand, and much more
Marketing Services

Content & Creative Services

Great content is the key to an effective marketing strategy. The best content grabs a user's attention at the top of the funnel, and then engages and informs them as they move through the buyer's journey.

Organic and paid search algorithms are designed to surface the best, most relevant content. The BlueSwitch content team are experts at creating high-quality, informative, keyword-rich content that engages readers, while providing a powerful anchor for SEO and PPC campaigns.

Marketing Services

eCommerce CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

BlueSwitch eCommerce CRO combines tried-and-true best practices with cutting edge analysis, and technical expertise. The result is a CRO process that works wonders for our clients. Our ecommerce CRO services have achieved conversion rate increases of 200%, 300%, even 400% or more for high traffic sites.

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