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eCommerce should be painless.

Over 20 years ago, BlueSwitch emerged on the eCommerce scene with a simple concept, flip the Switch, and we'll get it done for you. Our goal was to give brands unprecedented access to the tools and technology that would help their businesses grow. We wanted to help businesses achieve the impossible, and so we set out to do just that.

Today, over 600 websites and $1billion in sales later, our mission is the same: Take the complex and make it simple, and make the impossible, possible.

BlueSwitch doesn't just build websites, we build businesses

Back in our pre-Shopify days, tech was brand new to the business space. The idea of selling products online still baffled lots of companies. So being the proud, tech-savvy nerds we are, we started looking for ways to make this new "e-commerce" technology available to our clients. That idea led to us building our own eCommerce platform from the ground up, which led us to SaaS and app development, which led us to... you get the idea.


Agency services that go deeper than the average build

The biggest game-changer for BlueSwitch was the release of Shopify Plus in 2014. Finally, here's this incredible eCommerce platform that's infinitely customizable, secure, fast, and it's purpose-built for enterprise commerce. Needless to say, we saw the platform's potential right away, and in 2014 BlueSwitch became one of the very first Shopify-Plus certified agencies. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Our Mission

Don't build websites, build relationships

From the beginning, the BlueSwitch mission has been to solve impossible problems for our clients. Solving problems strengthens our relationships with clients, and for us, the relationship doesn't end when the website is deployed. Our emphasis on relationships is the reason we have both clients and team members that have been with us since the beginning, over 20 years and counting. 

Hire experts (so our clients don't have to)

BlueSwitch is built on a foundation of excellence. We boast a 100% in-house team of designers, developers, marketers, and IT specialists, and they're all Shopify experts. We encourage professional development, so our team has the resources and expertise they need to take every project to the next level. We haven't met a problem yet that we couldn't solve.

Treat clients like family

It all started with a simple idea: the best way to help our clients succeed is to offer the services that eCommerce brands need the most. Design, development, marketing, and IT support are the services that help our clients continue growing. Unlike larger agencies where the bottom line is all that matters, BlueSwitch is more focused on the people behind the products, and making sure our clients feel like partners, like allies, and like family.

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