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Our Team

The BlueSwitch team is made up of some of the best project managers, developers, designers, marketers, and IT professionals on the planet. All of our work happens in-house, allowing us to allocate more time and resources to projects and tasks as-needed. This allows us to do more work, with faster turnaround times, and deliver a superior finished product for our clients. 

Alex Paskie Founder | Chief Geek | CTO
Andrew Lindstrom Client Success Manager
AH Support Specialist
Angela Myrtetus Marketing Director
Bryan Swift SEO Director
Carolyn Kassin Marketing Coordinator
Chris Douglass Senior Account Manager
Conner Matson Web Developer
Dave Velez Web Developer
Darren Lage Full Stack Developer
Del Cole Support Specialist
Elliott Roth Director of Web Development
Elsa Arauz Meta Advertising Specialist
frank Senior Developer
Greg Troche Client Success Manager
Jaclyn Tepedino Designer
Jamie Markle Client Onboarding & Good Vibes
Lonni Freeman Client Success Manager
Mitchell Brown Amazon Manager
Moe Salama Solutions Architect & Partnerships
Rachel Levitin Senior Developer
Richard Chalmé Rockstar CEO
Sara Griffin Designer
Sean Goodell Business Development Rep
Shane DeSilva Business Development Rep
Steve Chladnicek Director of PPC
Susan Wu Creative Director
Tallen Hughes Email & Content Marketing Manager
Weldon Nichols Client Success Manager
Valter Wanderley Web Developer