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Shopify Plus Migration & Replatforming

Ready to replatform to Shopify Plus? We've got you covered.

Shopify Plus makes it easy for businesses to perform complex tasks with just a few clicks. But using Shopify Plus isn’t the hard part, it’s switching to a new platform that presents the biggest challenge for most brands, and most agencies. Luckily, we’re not most agencies.

Shopify Plus Migration, without all the headaches

BlueSwitch is committed to making the Shopify Plus migration process as painless as possible. We handle everything: total data migration, web design and development, SaaS integrations, redirects, merchant accounts, tagging and analytics. We even offer post-launch support and coaching to help your team get familiar with Shopify Plus.

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Our Process

BlueSwitch Shopify Plus Replatforming services are designed to help businesses succeed. We help our clients make the most of Shopify's advanced features and workflows, allowing small teams to manage large catalogs without breaking a sweat.


We use advanced data transfer protocols to quickly and securely move legacy data from the source site over to Shopify.

Configure Our Web team are experts at manipulating the powerful Liquid coding language to deliver a better Shopify experience

We perform a rigorous pre- and post-launch QA to ensure a terrific experience for every user, on every screen and device.

Scale Unlimited products, views and transactions means Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for rapidly scaling brands.

Custom Shopify Plus storefronts designed to do business, better

When enterprise brands like Panasonic and Ted Baker want to make The Switch to Shopify Plus, they call BlueSwitch. Our Shopify Plus Migrations are engineered to operate on an accelerated timeline, dramatically decreasing turnaround times so your team can get back to business as usual.

Seamless integration with your existing tech stack? No problem.

Nobody should have to upend their whole business just to accommodate the Shopify backend. That's why BlueSwitch focuses on integrating Shopify with our clients' existing tech stacks. Leveraging secure API to connect SaaS and legacy systems, we ensure seamless integration with Shopify's powerful eCommerce engine.

The result is a Shopify Plus storefront that works for your business, and not the other way around. 

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Shopify Plus Migration and Replatforming Guide

Replatforming to Shopify Plus saves our clients hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the first few months alone. 

-- Alex Paskie, BlueSwitch co-founder and Chief Geek

What are the benefits of replatforming to Shopify?

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform with endless possibilities. Businesses love Shopify because it saves time and money in some significant ways. First, Shopify automates and streamlines many critical eCommerce functions. Right out of the box, Shopify handles security, secure payment processing, future compatibility, automatic updates, stability and speed. Even SEO tasks like XML sitemaps and custom robots.txt files are part of the basic Shopify package.

Another reason businesses love Shopify is that it comes loaded with tons of built-in features that you'd have to pay for elsewhere. Features like Shopify's baked-in CDN, which serves large images with ease. Or the fact that Shopify site owners can post unlimited products, unlimited categories unlimited collections, and unlimited transactions, so your business isn't penalized for success. Shopify doesn't even put a limit on total site file size, so brands can keep expanding their product lines without worrying about going over-budget on listings. All that stacks up to make Shopify a great choice for rapidly scaling brands. 

Switching to Shopify Plus can save Enterprise eCommerce brands hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and security alone. That makes Shopify Plus very enticing for rapidly scaling brands who need a scalable eCommerce solution that doesn't limit their growth. Plus, Shopify has a reputation for being one of the most stable platforms around, with almost no downtime even for huge, high traffic sites with large image files and heavy loads. 

What are the steps involved in replatforming to Shopify?
  1. Backup and export your current site
  2. Setup your new Shopify account
  3. Map and import your data to Shopify
  4. Reorganize your product catalog, pages, and posts
  5. Configure shipping and payment options
  6. Setup sales tax locations
  7. Setup 301 redirects from your old URLs to the new Shopify URLs
  8. QA the new site and fix anything that broke in the migration
  9. Point your domain to your Shopify store
  10. Shut down your old site (but keep the last backup, just in case) 
How long does it take to replatform to Shopify?

The length of time it takes to replatform to Shopify can vary depending on the size and complexity of your data migration. Generally speaking, replatforming to Shopify can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. 

For a faster Shopify migration with fewer headaches, many businesses choose to work with an experienced Shopify developer or Shopify partner agency with experience in mapping and importing legacy data from your old eCommerce platform. BlueSwitch has extensive experience performing Shopify Replatformings for some of the biggest names in eCommerce. 

BlueSwitch is NYC's original Shopify partner agency. We've been with Shopify since the very beginning, and it shows in our expertise. Our developers are experts in Shopify's Liquid coding language, and we're partnered with some of the biggest names in Shopify integrations and apps. 

How much does it cost to replatform to Shopify?

The cost of replatforming to Shopify will vary depending on the size and complexity of your data migration. Generally speaking, replatforming to Shopify can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, and sometimes even more. 

The best way to save time, money, and headaches during a Shopify migration is to work with an experienced Shopify partner agency like BlueSwitch. Our Shopify developers are experts at migrating data from any source imaginable and bringing it into Shopify smoothly and efficiently as possible. For more information about Shopify migrations, schedule a discovery call today, and let's see what BlueSwitch can do for you. 

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