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Shopify Plus B2B

Shopify Plus B2B

Streamline your B2B business with BlueSwitch

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B2B on Shopify unites wholesale and retail storefronts into a single, easy-to-manage Shopify admin that's changing the way B2B brands sell online. For brands that sell both B2B and D2C, B2B on Shopify isn't just a new feature, it's a gamechanger.

Give your B2B customers a better buying experience

Our Shopify Plus B2B Development service is a flexible solution that's infinitely customizable. Choose a combined B2B+D2C experience, or totally separate storefronts for B2B and D2C operations. B2B on Shopify can be configured to meet the unique needs of your business, delivering an all-in-one solution that drives sales and discovery on the frontend, with a backend experience that helps your team do B2B business, better.

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It's time to rethink how your business does B2B

The global B2B ecommerce market is valued at $14.9 trillion – over five times that of the D2C market. Forrester predicts that in the next few years, B2B eCommerce will account for 17% of all B2B sales in the US, with B2B eCommerce revenue predicted to reach $1.8 trillion by 2025.

"B2B eCommerce revenue is over $1trillion in the US. Those numbers are enough to make every CMO, CFO and CEO sit up and take a hard look at how their brand is selling in the B2B space."

- Richard Chalmé, CEO at BlueSwitch

Essential wholesale and B2B features in a single Shopify admin

BlueSwitch B2B on Shopify services help businesses get the most out of the B2B platform. Maximize sales, encourage new buyers to discover and explore your products, and support B2B customers with easy-to-use account features. With BlueSwitch and B2B on Shopify, the sky's the limit.

What can you do with Shopify Plus B2B? Everything.

  • Vaulted Credit Cards
  • Bulk discounts
  • Product bundles
  • Tiered and personalized pricing
  • Custom quotes and approvals
  • Customer-specific product views
  • Customer-specific credit limits + payment terms
  • Combined B2B + D2C storefronts
  • Reusable discount codes for B2B customers
  • Streamlined wholesale checkout experience
  • Integrations with ERP and fulfillment 

NYC's #1 Shopify Plus B2B Developer

BlueSwitch B2B on Shopify Plus services are designed to help your brand get the most out of Shopify's powerful B2B features. We're experts at customizing both the frontend and backend of Shopify Plus to help our clients thrive in the B2B marketplace, leveraging decades of experience and expertise to deliver incredible B2b experiences.

The Preferred Shopify Plus Partner for Enterprise Commerce

BlueSwitch has worked with some of the biggest names in eCommerce, including Ted Baker, To Boot New York, European Wax Center and Panasonic. We've spent the last two decades earning our reputation as New York City's go-to Shopify Plus agency partner for Enterprise eCommerce. 

After 20 years, 600 websites and $1Billion in sales, it’s no surprise that BlueSwitch is one of the most trusted names in Shopify Plus development

take your b2b business to new heights

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