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Tata Harper


Client Overview

L’Objet creates designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional works of art, crafted with the highest degree of excellence and quality. 

Project Overview

Redesigning their e-Commerce site for a more intuitive user experience and better site speed.

What We Did
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development


Tata Harper Skincare is an internationally recognized beauty brand focusing on all-natural, non-toxic ingredients to deliver superior quality skincare products.


Migrate and replatform Tata Harper Skincare's eCommerce operations from Magento to Shopify Plus, with fast turnaround, and zero downtime or data loss.

What We Did

Total data migration off of Magento and onto Shopify Plus. Built a custom Shopify Plus storefront, maintaining as many of the existing features and content pieces as possible, on an accelerated timeline. Use custom Shopify development to seamlessly integrate existing processes and legacy systems.

BlueSwitch services applied to this project

Project Information

Tata Harper Skincare needed to do a fast re-platform on a fully-featured Magento store. The goal was to maintain a similar look and feel to their global eCommerce audience without sacrificing any features of the existing store. 

With UX enhancements, we were able to emphasize Tata Harper’s media, while overall improving accessibility scores. Additionally, we ensured that data collection for operations, fulfillment and marketing efforts was seamless during the transition.

Mobile - Tata Harper - group


  • Ensure compliance with WCAG AAA standards
  • Replatform the store on an accelerated timeline, prioritizing the most critical features
  • Integrate Shopify Plus with an existing Netsuite ERP, and preserve all legacy data without interrupting operations and fulfillment
  • Recreate complex eCommerce page designs and templates for different product types and different data sources
  • Modify features to behave differently for users outside of the US
  • Provide operational Shopify Plus training and support for Tata Harper internal team to ensure a stable transfer of services post-launch

Our Solution

Integrate Shopify Plus with Netsuite ERP

In this project, there was no time to waste so we got right to work. Tata Harper partnered with a vendor to manage the Shopify-to-Netsuite ERP connection - we built customizations around that connection to provide data outside of the standard Shopify eCommerce data points. In the meantime, we reworked some of the UI components to both fit into the framework of the theme, and comply with accessibility standards.

Create international compliance and localization rules

International customers are a large part of Tata Harper's business, and so we had to ensure that the store was not only in compliance with international rules around data collections and availability (GDPR), but displayed the relevant promotions and messaging for international users, based on their IP. We accomplished this by creating custom localization rules that deliver a different user experience depending on the user's physical location.

Leverage Shopify Markets & Metaobjects features

We leveraged new Shopify features, including metaobjects, to provide structured data markup for several key content pages and product categories, which reduced the negative impact of replatforming against organic rankings. Finally, we provided post-launch strategy, training, and technical support for the client's internal teams, for a better post-launch experience. 

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