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Website Redesigns

Turn your eCommerce site into a sales and conversions powerhouse

When it comes to Website Redesigns, BlueSwitch has a proven track record of helping businesses succeed. We build gorgeous, high-performance eCommerce websites that draw in new audiences and market segments, and convert new users into lifelong customers in just a couple of clicks. 

Delivering better experiences for every user, on every device

Our goal is to deliver better customer experiences, with incredible frontend designs that make it easy for users to discover, browse, and purchase your products. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends in eCommerce to ensure your users get the features they expect, and an experience they'll never forget. 

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Better features and functionality means better performance at every KPI

Website Redesigns aren't about making websites look better, they're about making websites work better for your business. More sales, more revenue, more traffic... more of everything that counts. That's the BlueSwitch difference.

-- Alex Paskie, BlueSwitch co-founder & CTO


For eCommerce brands, a great website is the key to success. A poorly designed or outdated website can damage a brand's reputation, and hurt the bottom line. Whereas a well-designed website with a great user experience will hit at every KPI that matters: 

  • More users, sessions, and views
  • Better accessibility scores
  • Better sentiment and reputation
  • More sales, transactions, and revenue
  • Better UX/UI
  • Better visibility and rankings
  • Increased CTR and conversion rates

Our Process

At BlueSwitch, our goal is to build websites that deliver the best possible experience for every user, and not just the users in the middle of the bell curve.


We start with a deep dive audit of your current site to identify what's working, what's not, and what comes next.


Using equal parts art and science, our designers create stylish, conversion-friendly websites that deliver a superior UX.


Our Web team developers use every tool, trick, and tech in the book to build websites that are fast, secure, and accessible.


Our Website Redesign services help ecommerce brands achieve their goals and thrive in the digital landscape.

Website redesigns are part art, and part science

The redesign process starts with assessing your existing site from top to bottom. We gather user experience data through funnel analysis and heatmapping, and taking a deep dive into UX and UI to identify what’s working for your users, and what’s not.

A comprehensive redesign strategy that delivers a better experience for every user

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A better experience for our clients, and their customers

With the industry's best designers and developers, BlueSwitch delivers a better finished product, with faster turnaround times. BlueSwitch websites are more stylish, more fun to use, and more likely to convert sessions into sales.

Our combination of artistic excellence and technical expertise results in a finished product that's better in every way, and loaded with modern features.

A few of our favorite features

  • Mega menu navigation
  • Pillar pages and sales funnels
  • One-click checkouts
  • Financing and BNPL (buy now, pay later)
  • Product and store locators 
  • Subscriptions and automated billing
  • SMS and push notifications

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