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Custom Shopify Themes

A better way to scale your eCommerce brand

Shopify Theme Development combines the power of Shopify with the flexibility of custom web design and development. Our Shopify Theme Development service delivers a branded, scalable theme solution that can be leveraged to power a rapidly-growing business. 

Branded features and functionality for multi-location businesses

Custom Shopify Theme Development gives eCommerce business owners all the features and functionality they need to run a multi-location business. A custom branded theme makes it easier to scale, while still giving customers the ideal shopping experience at every location.

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Our Process

Captivate audiences with custom Shopify themes that look great, and deliver a better UX/UI for every user.


We'll learn about your business and what makes it unique, and look for solutions to help you achieve your goals

Analyze We examine your customers, legacy data, and tech stacks to get a better understanding of how your brand does business
Build Our Design and Web teams work together to create a custom Shopify theme that's branded for your business
Scale Give new branch locations everything they need to succeed in one convenient, scalable theme package

NYC’s top-rated Shopify Theme developer

BlueSwitch Shopify Theme developers create gorgeous custom Shopify themes that have critical automations, management tools, branding, and marketing assets baked-in from the start. If your team can dream it, the BlueSwitch Shopify developers can build it. 

  • One-click checkouts
  • Pillar pages
  • Live chat and chat bots
  • Branch and product locators
  • Embedded product reviews
  • Marketing integrations
  • Affirm and other financing options
  • Team bio templates
  • Service page templates
  • Product page templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how a custom Shopify theme from BlueSwitch can help your brand succeed in the eCommerce landscape.

What kinds of businesses are Shopify Theme Development services for?

There are lots of businesses that can benefit from a custom Shopify theme.

→ For B2B brands like marketing agencies and SaaS developers, a branded Shopify theme is a great way to build brand awareness within the Shopify ecosystem.

→ International brands can clone, translate, and deploy different language-versions of their site using a custom Shopify theme to streamline the setup process. 

→ Growing brands can use a custom theme to jumpstart diffusion brands and new product lines on their own Shopify sites. Cloning a central theme ensures that company colors, fonts, spacing, assets, images, and naming conventions on the new site are baked-in from the start.

→ Brands that do business in more than one channel or vertical can use a branded Shopify theme as the basis for building new websites with unique experiences that target different audiences, market segments and demographics, while retaining core branding on every new instance.  

How can Shopify help my business grow?

Shopify helps businesses grow by saving them time, money, and resources by automating many of the core eCommerce functions that must be performed manually on other eCommerce platforms. Shopify makes it possible for brands to spend less time on security, maintenance, and development, and more time on customer service, selling and scaling.

Before Shopify, managing eCommerce sites was no easy feat. eCommerce platforms like Magento require huge dedicated teams and lots of manual maintenance and upkeep. All that manual work means higher overhead, and longer turnaround times, even for simple tasks and operations. 

Shopify changed all that by automating the most critical (and time-consuming) eCommerce functions: Inventory management, shipping and receiving, software updates, security, and more. Shopify handles the heavy lifting so internal teams can spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time selling. 

What's the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

The difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus is that Shopify is better for beginners and small brands, while Shopify Plus has more capabilities and features that benefit large sites and enterprise brands.

Shopify is an entry-level ecommerce platform, ideal for SMBs (small to medium businesses) or brands that are just getting started with online selling. Shopify sites can be customized using the Liquid programming language, but there are some limitations to the level of customizations possible. 

Shopify Plus is the more complex enterprise-level platform, designed for large sites and high-volume merchants with more sophisticated needs. Shopify Plus developers (like BlueSwitch) use the Liquid programming language to code new functionality into Shopify Plus sites.

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