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Headless Commerce

BlueSwitch has been developing headless since before it was cool

Headless Commerce is one of the hottest trends in web development, but for BlueSwitch developers, headless is nothing new. BlueSwitch has been NYC’s premier ecommerce developer for over 20 years, and we know how to get the most out of the headless commerce architecture.

A bespoke shopping experience for your customers

Headless Commerce allows us to use Shopify’s powerful suite of ecommerce tools to power any new or existing frontend development, no matter what platform it's built on. The Headless Commerce architecture can be leveraged to create groundbreaking ecommerce sites with more flexibility and freedom for your team, and a bespoke shopping experience for your customers.

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Our Process

Headless Commerce starts with a deep-dive analysis of frontend and backend stacks. Our developers work directly with our clients’ internal teams to learn what makes their business tick, and look for opportunities to automate, integrate, or streamline. We look at the project from all angles to identify the pain and friction points being experienced by customers, fulfillment teams, and brand managers. 

Discover Our team leaders get to know firsthand how your business works, and what we can do to make it work better.

Using secure API and the latest in data technology to give unprecedented levels of access and control over critical systems.

Build We use Shopify's powerful ecommerce backend to support a bespoke frontend experience that's custom-tailored to your specifications.
Thrive Decoupling front- and backend systems makes it possible to make changes to one stack anytime, without affecting other systems

Headless Commerce powered by Shopify

A custom Headless configuration gives in-house teams the tools and automations they need to help your business save time, money, and headaches. Our Headless Commerce developers use the latest in secure API and data transfer protocols to connect with your data in new and innovative ways.

Deliver amazing experiences on any platform

Headless Commerce helps us deliver amazing experiences through any platform, CMS, application, or device—all with a commerce engine powered by Shopify. By moving eCommerce tasks to Shopify's powerful backend, brands can save massive amounts of time and money, making Headless Commerce a great choice for growing brands.

What can Headless do for your brand?

Never replatform again

Up until recently, if a business wanted to switch ecommerce platforms, it meant they were in for a months-long, expensive rebuild of the entire site, frontend and back. But with Headless Commerce, the frontend user experience is managed on one platform, while the backend duties are managed on a completely different platform. This is known as 'decoupling,' and it gives developers the ability to update, change, or replatform any element in the frontend or backend of a website, without affecting other systems or departments.

Using Headless Commerce architecture makes it possible for one internal team to manage sales, customers, inventory and shipping, while a totally separate team manages the marketing, content, and design aspects of the site. Each team can choose the platforms and software that work best for their department, without affecting the systems and processes used by another department. 

The Headless architecture gives brands the control they need, the flexibility they want, and the freedom they never thought possible.

Power multi-site, multi-store experiences on any platform

Headless Commerce gives brands the power to manage multiple frontend configurations and storefronts simultaneously, all from a custom dashboard powered by Shopify.

Headless lets internal teams manage inventory, sales, customer support, shipping, and marketing on multiple platforms, all from a central dashboard-style interface that's custom-made to help your business do business. 

Deliver amazing experiences on any platform There are infinite ways to customize a headless commerce site. With Headless architecture, web designers have the freedom to build amazing frontend experiences on any platform, CMS, app, device, or custom configuration, with commerce duties handled by Shopify's powerful ecommerce toolkit.  

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