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Susan Wu11/5/20192 min read

How to Create Web Design That Converts

As a Shopify Plus Designer, the #1 request when clients want to revamp their site is to make it "pretty.” We all want to create something beautiful. But our aim is to not only create sites that are aesthetically pleasing but, strategic.

The difference between art and design

Therein lies the difference between art and design. At the very core, design should always serve a purpose. When it comes to eCommerce, we not only measure design with user experience in mind, but we measure it with conversions as well. The design should guide your user, making the site accessible, easy to use, and ultimately convert into a sale. 

Often, the user's journey doesn’t start on your homepage. Perhaps they’ve subscribed to your emails to get that 10% off their first order, or they’ve searched for a new pair of shoes and landed on your site from a Google shopping ad. Every page of your site needs to be designed and treated as a potential entryway for the customer experience to be able to reach them from multiple touch points.

Add some flair to create memorable email experiences 

  • Simple GIFs are a quick and effective way to grab users' attention. Whether it’s used to highlight a sales promotion or a product variant - engagement is key.

  • Strong focal points, whether it be focused on typography or photography, are key to catching the users' attention.

  • Don’t let the user get lost or overwhelmed. Strong calls-to-action (CTAs) are key in guiding the user where you want them to go. Primary CTAs are a little more general, while secondary CTAs can be more product-focused and/or granular.

  • Mobile-first applies to everything! Designing more block-based will allow your emails to scale nicely whether for desktop or mobile.

Use email to reach your audience and keep them engaged over time

With thousands of emails hitting a user’s inbox daily, how can you stand out? How do you make sure the email looks great and enticing enough for them to not only click through but to check out? Emails should be cohesive, with an overall theme that carries through the entire campaign. What we’ve found to work best is to create intentional storytelling with products:

Create a curated product collection

Having a curated collection that follows the theme from beginning to end, keeps them engaged. At the very least, cherry-pick products that are specific and lead them directly to those product detail pages. For example, when the forecast called for unexpected lows in NYC, we were able to design and send out an email campaign focused on cold weather boots. We pulled each style that worked for the theme and linked to those products individually.

Create branded assets that are consistent across multi-channels

The look and feel should be familiar with each campaign so they can easily follow from different paths. Don’t lose your audience! You’ve convinced them to open and click-through your email, don’t send them somewhere they’re not expecting. In short, create a narrative that follows the user no matter where it begins. Designs that convert systematically and effortlessly lead the user to checkout.

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Susan Wu

Creative Director @ BlueSwitch