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BlueSwitch4/25/20183 min read

3 Growth Hacks to Use for Your E-Commerce Business

One of the main concerns that e-commerce site owners share is figuring out how to grow by driving more traffic to their websites. Ideally, most of these visitors become customers. To encourage growth, here are three hacks that you can use to increase the number of visitors and conversions for your e-commerce site. We also recommend finding a search engine optimization company, like BlueSwitch, to help with your efforts.


1. Personalize Your Marketing Emails

With the hundreds to thousands of brands that your target customer is exposed to, potential customers develop strategies to weed out spam emails and marketing campaigns. This doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your marketing campaigns. Instead, create highly personalized marketing campaigns that go beyond simply using the customer’s first name in an email.

Smaller segments mean more targeted insights

For your marketing emails, create several versions of a campaign targeted to smaller segments of your subscription list. Perhaps you send out one version of an email geared toward women and another toward men. You could separate customers based on whether or not they have children, what climate they live in, or if they live alone.

Refer to past purchases and pageviews

Customers are more likely to open emails that are highly personalized to meet their needs over blanket email marketing campaigns you send to everyone. Even better? Show customers you know them by referring to past purchases or other data you’ve collected. Wish them a happy birthday on the right date. Make product recommendations they would actually want to buy. Your customers will notice the difference.


2. Study Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

When visitors place products or services into their online shopping carts, they indicate that they are interested in buying your product. If they abandon their shopping cart before finishing their transaction, there is usually a reason why. When you notice that shoppers abandon their online shopping carts, study their behaviors to see why.

Use heat mapping to see where your site is working (and where it's not)

You can use a heat map to see where they clicked and what content they viewed. Perhaps most shoppers abandon their cart on the checkout page, which may indicate that either the final price surprised them or your site doesn’t accept their preferred payment option. Experiment with changing the shopping and checkout experience to see if your shopping cart abandonment rate changes. The easiest way to grow is to make it easier for already interested customers to spend money with you.


3. Gather More Product and Business Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials can tell future customers a lot about how your business operates, and if you are trustworthy. As an e-commerce business without a physical storefront that customers can see for themselves, it is even more important. One way to establish this trust is by having many detailed testimonials and reviews on your website and on social media sites.

DO NOT buy or fake reviews

Under no circumstance should you ever fabricate customer reviews. Instead, ask all of your satisfied customers if they will provide you with a testimonial or a review on a social media site. Link them to the site you want their review on as a part of your regular process. Over time, you will be surprised by how many customers are willing to do this for you just because of the quality product you provide.

Consider SEO services and grow your organic traffic

While you can’t do anything that will guarantee your e-commerce site will go viral, there are plenty of things that you can do to encourage growth. Start with these three growth hacks to get more customers on your site. To go even further, hire an eCommerce SEO partner to help you grow your brand's organic visibility.