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Client Overview

L’Objet creates designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional works of art, crafted with the highest degree of excellence and quality. 

Project Overview

Redesigning their e-Commerce site for a more intuitive user experience and better site speed.

What We Did
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development


A lifestyle brand that embraces every part of our perfectly imperfect selves, focusing on fitness, wellness, and yoga equipment.


Replatforming 2 sites onto Shopify Plus.

What We Did

Replatform onto Shopify Plus, while creating custom solutions for integration and business management.

  • UI/UX
  • Replatforming
  • Development
  • Integrations

Project Information

Gaiam and SPRI had many issues when they came to BlueSwitch to redevelop their sites. Their design was stagnant and they were stuck on an outdated platform. Simple tasks such as creating 1 report for both sites took an extraordinary amount of time. Tasks such as drop shipments were difficult to manage due to the outdated platform they were currently using. Hosting costs were high due to all the custom integrations they had to set up and bandaids for important features were all over both sites. Customer service was fed up with all the unnecessary work they were doing and needed a change.

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  • Replatforming from an outdated platform
  • Creating one backend for two individual stores 
  • Make drop shipments more manageable
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Our Solution

The first step was choosing a platform where you can create 2 sites under 1 umbrella- Shopify Plus. Next was design. The BlueSwitch design team worked closely with the SPRI and Gaiam teams to design two websites that really spoke to their customer base. Additionally, customizations were made to make shopping easier for the user since their product line is so diverse. Once the design was set, development began and soon both sites came to life. They used multi-store inventory management software to help with overall website development. Blueswitch was also contracted to connect both Shopify stores into one backend for easy management. Using proprietary software, Gaiam was able to create one simple warehouse integration for both sites. A custom-designed order review system was also created, so Gaiam could manage drop shipments and even combat fraud. All these factors combined, along with two brand new beautiful sites, started a great relationship between Gaiam and BlueSwitch.

"When you head on out to the Moon, in very short order, and you get a chance to look back at the Earth, that horizon slowly curves around in upon himself, and all of sudden you are looking at something that is very strange, but yet is very, very familiar, because you are beginning to see the Earth evolve."
Gene CernanAstronaut, Apollo 17


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