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BlueSwitch3/1/20161 min read

Backlinks: Rank Higher in Google Search

Who needs links?

 Answer: Every website. At least the ones that want to rank highly in Google search results. Putting the right keywords on your pages is often not enough to rank highly in search results. To rank, you also need inbound links, which are links from external websites to your website.

Receiving links from high-authority websites (which should also be relevant to your subject-matter) signals to Google that other trusted websites consider your page to be a valuable resource that is worth sharing with their users. Thus, Google tends to rank pages with many high-quality links higher than those with few. We recommend contacting BlueSwitch, we can provide SEO services for small businesses. We will be able to ensure that you rank higher on Google! 

How do I get links?

 The best way to attract links is to create great content. Well-written, informative content will often generate links on its own, but you can speed this process along by requesting links from high-authority websites. If your content is truly great, these websites should be happy to share it with their users, provided that you’re not a direct competitor. These high-authority websites can be found through strategic Google searches and also by using tools that enable you to view the backlinks of your competitors. 

How many links do I need?

 Although having a large number of quality links is the goal, attracting even a small number of those links can have a sizable impact on traffic. SEO services for small businesses can really help companies grow strategically and stay on track. Grow your link profile slowly and naturally without buying links or getting “easy” links from disreputable sources, and you’ll begin to see SEO success!