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Angela Myrtetus5/8/20235 min read

Why BlueSwitch Makes A Commitment to Host In-Person Events

This Week At BlueSwitch

Last week, BlueSwitch brought the entire company together in NYC for a 3-day in-person all hands event. We bonded, we discussed strategies, we role played and we talked about ways in which we can continuously build upon our amazing company! 

Since 2014, I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to work remotely. As a mom of 3, I cannot express enough how much I’ve appreciated the ability to be able to take my kids to school in the morning, as well as be home when they walk in that door. With that said, being fully remote can often be a challenge when it comes to bonding with your co-workers and strategizing in person on growth and client satisfaction.

In-person events are more necessary than ever

As remote work increasingly becomes the norm, it's more important than ever for remote companies to prioritize in-person events. While remote teams can communicate effectively from anywhere in the world, nothing can replace the benefits of in-person interaction. 

We strive every day to ensure our clients receive the best possible experience with everyone they work with here, but more importantly, the work we do together, in-person, ensures that we are making every effort possible to continue to strive for excellence. Here are the benefits of hosting in-person events for our staff. 

1) Building Strong Team Relationships

One of the most significant benefits of in-person events for remote teams is the opportunity to build strong team relationships with one another. Remote communication tools are great for getting things done, but they don't provide the same opportunities for casual conversation and non-work-related bonding that in-person events do. Spending time together outside of work fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that can have a profound impact on the team's effectiveness and job satisfaction. 

2) Sharing Knowledge and Best Practices

Another important advantage of in-person events is the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices. Bringing remote teams together can lead to valuable sharing of ideas and approaches that might otherwise be siloed within individual teams. Team members can learn from their colleagues' experiences, and remote events can be structured to facilitate discussion and collaboration around challenges or opportunities.

3) Enhancing Company Culture

In-person events can also play a significant role in creating and enhancing company culture. Remote companies often face unique challenges when it comes to creating a sense of shared values and purpose, and in-person events can help reinforce these. Events can be tailored to reflect the company culture, and team members can come away feeling more connected and aligned with the company's mission and values.

4) Recruiting and Retention

In-person events can also help remote companies with recruiting and retention efforts. When prospective employees see that a remote company invests in in-person events, it can signal that the company values its employees and is committed to fostering a strong team culture. For current employees, in-person events can be a significant factor in their decision to stay with the company, as they feel more connected to their colleagues and that their work is valued.

5) Coming Together for a Common Purpose

Finally, in-person events can provide an opportunity for remote teams to come together for a common purpose. Whether it's a team-building event, a creative brainstorming session, or a company-wide celebration, in-person events can help remote teams to connect on a deeper level and bring new energy to the work they do.

In-person events provide an opportunity for remote teams to come together, build relationships, and fuel their shared purpose. As remote work continues to grow, in-person events will become an increasingly vital component of remote teams' success, and ultimately results in better customer service for our clients. 

What our leaders have to say about our recent trip to NYC 

rich - Like
Richard Chalmé Rockstar CEO
Richard Chalmé Rockstar CEO

Rich: Getting the team together is real life proof that BlueSwitch’s sum is greater than its parts. The natural energy in the office was filled with ideas, laughter and collaboration. I was most impressed by each team member's skills and personality outside of the office which is usually hard to see when you are on zoom ;)

Team week is real proof that BlueSwitch is greater than the sum of its parts!

-- Richard Chalme, Rockstar CEO



Alex Paskie
Alex Paskie Founder | Chief Geek | CTO
Alex Paskie Founder | Chief Geek | CTO

Al: In the age of smartphones, ai and Zoom it’s only natural for us to forget how important and vital person-to-person interaction is in building ideas, relationships and an environment. Just being able to speak face-to-face with everyone for me was a welcome change. But watching everyone else interacting, socializing, dining together, etc. was the icing on the cake. It was a reminder that we’re not bots, and we’re not faceless.

Working together at BlueSwitch isn’t only about meeting deadlines, it’s about relationships and being a part of the team!

-- Alex Paskie, Chief Geek



Elliott Roth
Elliott Roth Director of Web Development
Elliott Roth Director of Web Development

Elliott: As someone who has worked at BlueSwitch during the non-remote days, this was a refreshing change of pace. To walk around the office, hear all the separate conversations, seeing everyone work together in a collaborative environment, was truly awesome.
The best part though was the time spent after the office closed thru dinner, drinks, games and long walks around the city (sometimes in the wrong direction). The bonding that happened in those few hours is priceless and brought us together in a way that being in an office cannot. 
The irony is that when everyone was in the office every day – there were very few after-office hangouts. It takes remote work to crave that time with your co-workers, and with the new way of working upon us, our culture is more important than ever.

I can speak for everyone that we’re all looking forward to the next team trip! 

-- Elliot Roth, Director of Web Development




Susan Wu Creative Director
Susan Wu Creative Director

Su: It’s definitely quality over quantity. We would see everyone, in-office, everyday but we’d still slack one another from across the room. But now, when we get together there is a new energy that fills the office that never used to be there. It’s fun, it’s loud, the short time we are together is spent more meaningfully.

The best part, no one can evade me in-person if I have questions that need answered! That and realizing how tall everyone is outside of their Zoom boxes…

-- Susan Wu, Creative Director




Angela Myrtetus

Director of Marketing at BlueSwitch