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BlueSwitch2/28/20192 min read

Brand Authenticity and Values in Ecommerce Digital Marketing

It’s easier than ever to find new and exciting brands online (we’ve all fell victim to an Instagram shopping ad). But consumers, especially the younger millennial market, are constantly looking for the next best thing and want whoever they’re buying from to be champions of change and authenticity. People expect the brands that they choose to purchase from to have a voice and be a part of something that their customers can identify with (take Toms for example). But the need for brands to be transparently authentic is at high demand. Brand purpose shows integrity and empathy, both attributes that consumers want to feel when making a purchase.


What is brand authenticity?

At its core, brand authenticity is “the extent to which consumers perceive a brand to be faithful toward itself, true to its consumers, motivated by caring and responsibility, and able to support consumers in being true to themselves" (Source: Digital Well Being). Essentially, it’s what the company stands for, what they want to bring to their customers, what they strive to change for the better.


How authenticity has become a driving force in marketing

Marketing Land released an article that stated, “Social concerns that coincide with brand purpose clearly make for powerful ads. Ariel India’s award-winning “Share the Load” campaign promoted their detergent and an equitable distribution of household labor with great success.” You’re getting something in return for buying the product, other than its immediate purpose. “By leveraging the intersection of clean laundry with a relevant social issue, they created an attention-grabbing and impactful message.”


How brand values make you stand out

The best e-commerce social marketing campaigns showcase their target buyer and how the brand’s product is the answer to their problem. Arguably one of the most memorable campaigns of late has been Clorox’s Bleachable Moment Campaign. Showcasing young parents, dealing with real-life scenarios. No sugar coating. No glamorous models. Just the real life situations, that need a practical solution to a relatable problem, in which Clorox is the answer. On a more serious note, Clorox struck authenticity gold with their Clean Matters campaign, “transforming lives through the power of clean.”

Creating social change or having some sort of cause, shows potential customers what they could be buying into. By purchasing from this brand, they are supporting whatever the company believes in. Ultimately, it will make a brand stand out from the rest. Being unique is what creates a strong foundation for catching consumer’s interest and having brand values solidifies it.