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BlueSwitch2/6/20193 min read

3 Mobile Trends That Will Shape How You Search And Buy In 2019

It’s no surprise that mobile is on the rise. Even the “average Gen Zer watches about 68 videos a day.” For a frame of reference, that’s over 2 days worth of video watching. Alas, more time spent on mobile means more opportunities for e-commerce to flourish. And let us not forget the biggest showdown in the mobile world: Siri vs. Alexa. That’s right, even voice search will be at the forefront of every digital marketing strategy in 2019 (or should be.)


Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is becoming faster, easier, and most importantly... smarter. Everyone has access to the products that they need with the swipe of a finger. Mobile shopping has risen by 60% in 2018, and this mobile trend will continue to rise in 2019. Social commerce is a major factor in mobile shopping, especially on Instagram. Social media marketing services can help your business grow your social commerce, we recommend BlueSwitch of course! You’ve probably noticed that sometimes you’ll talk about a product or even think about it and then an ad for it appears on your screen. Weird, right? Marketers are taking full advantage of any information they can get to better suit your purchasing habits. Users have the option to tag products in their photos. People can then tap the photo to view the products tagged and click on the tags to shop the products. Shopping has never been easier, and creepier. Whatever you’ve been eyeing is literally in the palm of your hand and it’s up to you whether or not you engage with the advertising of that product. Chances are, you will because you’ve already put it out there that you’re interested in it, even if you didn’t realize it!


Video First

Need a good conversation starter for a networking event? Here you go (thank us later)... 80% of what is consumed online will be video content, with vertical video, interactive video and live video at the forefront. Mobile trends are moving towards what is going to get more people involved and essentially purchasing. Netflix recently released interactive video content for Black Mirror. Gone are the days of Goosebumps books and movies. Black Mirror is eery and inviting at the same time. It invites viewers into the story and makes them a part of the action. It gives consumers the autonomy to decide how the story goes. Giving the choice versus telling them what the outcome will be, catches their attention and leaves more of an impression.


Voice Search

In 2018, 20% of mobile searches were through voice search, a number that is expected to double in 2020. Smart technology is making our lives more convenient and gives the ability to multitask virtually anywhere. Voice search comes across as a modern luxury- which makes having something like an Alexa or Google Home, a must-have.

For ultimate relevancy and adaptability in 2019, it’s highly important that marketing campaigns incorporate these mobile trends into their overall strategy. Knowing that people will be interacting with a new video or clicking the product tag of your product on Instagram, means that you’re getting your brand out there in new and exciting ways. Use social media marketing services to stay up-to-date on trends and ahead of the game! Make sure that whatever trend you utilize, you’re doing something different with it-whether that be telling a story, sharing through color/graphics or even holding a contest. People will pay attention to the unique, attention-grabbing concepts that you’ve cultivated from the mobile trends already in place this year.

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