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BlueSwitch3/30/20171 min read

Viral? That's So 5 Minutes Ago. Reddit is the Future

We're a digital agency in NYC and we're discussing a website that's ahead of the game! If you’re not using Reddit, you’re probably 6-8 hours behind on what will soon go viral. Reddit is a social news, idea, and media sharing/discussion website. Download a reddit client (on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) for a more enjoyable experience.

Why Reddit is so great

  • Users can create “subreddits” for common interests. Subscribe to the ones that interest you.
  • Users “upvote” and “downvote” posts, and comments. The users decide what’s relevant, great, fun, etc. Often, the comments to a post will be funnier, more interesting etc. than the post itself.
  • Has its own lingo. Here’s a quick intro:
    • ELI5 = Explain Like I’m Five Complex ideas broken down into laymen’s terms
    • LPT = Life Pro Tip – lifehacks, etc.
    • TIL = Today I Learned – for interesting history tidbits, life lessons, etc.
    • OP = Original Poster – refers to the person who posted the original item.
    • AMA = Ask Me Anything. Often celebrities, famous people, etc. participate in a q&a session with redditors.
    • TL;DR = Too Long, Didn’t Read – usually a summary of a long post.

Subreddits To Get You Started