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BlueSwitch12/28/20164 min read

How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Stand Out in 2023

Here are just a few reasons why having a mobile marketing strategy is essential to the success of your business:

  • Over 50% of searches are now conducted on mobile devices.
  • There are over 2 million mobile apps to choose from on either Android or Apple devices.
  • Conversion rates for mobile devices are outpacing desktop conversion rates at over 60%.
  • Mobile offers are redeemed 10 times more frequently than print offers.

Because many businesses are beginning to implement more robust mobile strategies, mobile devices are becoming saturated with app options and content. For expert help with your strategy, look into working with a New York marketing agency. Here is how to make your mobile marketing strategy stand out from the crowd.

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Personalize Your Mobile App

If you have a mobile app, give your end-users a choice over what information they will receive from you, how often, and through what medium (email, push notifications, social media, etc.). If you run different types of sales or have different types of products, ask your end-users what options they care about. If they only care about women’s clothing items and enjoy receiving emails, and you only send them information about men’s fashion via push notifications, they will end up deleting your app and disengaging with your brand. Part of the mobile marketing strategy is to collect as much data as possible. Collecting the data above (and more) will also allow you to create better targeted sales funnels. You will become aware of who likes what and how often they engage with your brand. Be sure that end-users can easily adjust their preferences, as well.

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Understand How to Use Location Information

Location marketing is integral to any mobile strategy. Most end-users who search for a local business on a mobile device will call or visit that same business within 24 hours. Convert that mobile visitor into a paying customer by offering time-sensitive incentives and specials they can use right away. Since most people have a mobile device now, you can also send them a coupon or voucher as soon as they walk into your store by using location-awareness features. This will increase your level of customer service and sales, and will allow you to collect contact information for a majority of the people who walk into your store.

Synchronize Multi-Channel Experiences

Coordinate user experiences across all mobile channels to personalize them, as well as to create a cohesive mobile marketing strategy. This includes your mobile app, text messages, social media, emails, and website. Synchronizing mobile channel experiences is important for customer satisfaction and the overall reach of your brand. For instance, if a customer purchases an item in your webstore and then receives a push notification a day later with an offer for the item they just purchased, it proves you aren’t paying attention to them and it could even irritate them that they didn’t receive the offer sooner. Be sure they know that you are aware of their interests and interactions with your brand, no matter what channels they engage with your brand on. One of the main reasons for synchronizing your users’ mobile experience is to encourage them to share your content and their brand-friendly experiences with others. If you send an order confirmation for a new product they just bought, give them the option to share it on social media so that their network can see it. After they share their experience on social media, don’t follow up later asking them to share the same item again. No one enjoys being asked to do something they’ve already done.

Provide Value or Entertainment

If you aren’t providing value or entertainment to end-users, then what are you trying to accomplish with your mobile strategy? At its best, your mobile marketing strategy should offer a combination of the two. Implement interactive mobile content such as contests and polls that can easily be accessed. For instance, the winner of your next t-shirt design challenge could win 50% off all items they purchase from you for a year. Or you could have your end-users vote on the top 5 design options for your spring collection.

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Always Be Aware of Emerging Mobile Technologies

Whether you have it in your budget to implement them or not, always be aware of the technology your competition might be using to execute their mobile marketing strategies. Better yet, try to use relevant and innovative technology before your competition even knows about it. For instance, mobile chatbots will gain more traction soon for real-time customer service interactions, and apps that control household appliances, stereo systems, and locks connected to the Internet are also increasing in number. To really stay ahead of the game, try working with a New York marketing agency to solidify your strategy.