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BlueSwitch5/20/20191 min read

Optimizing Conversions with Shopify Plus & BlueSwitch

Sales is always the main goal of any e-commerce site. Industry specialists shared their insight in this intimate and collaborative conversation about how to optimize your site's conversions.


Here’s a quick recap on some of the topics discussed Wednesday evening.

  • How to drive online conversion for purchases typically made in-store
  • How to optimize campaigns based on every step of the marketing funnel
  • The exceptions to the rules when it comes to mass email campaigns.


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Danielle Butera
Danielle is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Blueswitch. Her team of marketing strategists use their experience to drive traffic, create a larger customer base, and increase conversions for a variety of clients. BlueSwitch takes new or existing business to the next level by building a website that engages customers and drives sales.

Matt Serwin
Matthew Serwin is part of the the rapidly growing Boston-based tech company, Klaviyo — bringing over 10 years of Fortune 500 CPG experience with him, ranging from Account Management to Consumer Marketing. In his role on the Channel Agency team, Matt is focused on partnering with agencies to help focus on their business strategies and driving client growth by using Klaviyo’s technology to build quality relationships with customers.

Nick Raushenbush
Nick Raushenbush is the cofounder of Shogun, powerful page building and AB testing software for eCommerce websites. Before Nick started Shogun, he started and ran a creative agency that has done work for Google, Toyota, Capital One and Target.


About Shopify Plus

Born out of Shopify — the world’s fastest growing commerce platform and home to over 800,000 stores — Shopify Plus launched in 2014 to provide high-growth merchants a customizable solution without the need for large investments of time, money, or resources. Today, we’re not only eliminating costly builds, crashed sites, and infrastructure that burns through development resources, we’re helping companies scale through ecommerce’s largest network of support and award-winning Partners.