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BlueSwitch4/11/20193 min read

The Best Email Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce

A strong email marketing strategy for eCommerce is one that keeps a healthy conversation with your customers at the moments they’re mostly to engage with your brand. From automated trigger campaigns to weekly or monthly email blasts, understanding the how to have the best version of these conversations is the key to campaigns success.

Simply put, if you’re not currently integrating a comprehensive email marketing strategy into your digital campaigns, then you may be missing out on an additional 40% revenue every month. A digital marketing agency can greatly impact your strategy and help you discover what works best for your company. Look into one going forward with your plan! Do we have your attention now? 

BlueSwitch’s email marketing experts craft strategic eCommerce campaigns based on 3 core beliefs, outlined below:

Develop content telling customers WHY they should purchase from your brand

No one like’s to be talked AT. Nor do people like to have conversations that aren’t of interest to them (*cough* your in-laws *cough*). Think of your email content in the same way. Is what you’re offering going to be of interest to your audience?

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The first step to acing this is knowing your audience. Use your CRM data, sales reports, and Google Analytics data to best understand the demographic, geographic, and psychographic information to make sure your message will appeal to these audiences. Now that you know who your audience is, make sure your product, sale, or message will make your audience feel like they’re in an engaged conversation with someone they want to talk to. 

GOOD: A sale on make-up to an audience of value shoppers interested in the beauty industry. 

BAD: Promoting your most expensive women’s shoes to a segment of men’s value shoppers. 

Don’t forget automation! Some of the most successful eCommerce email campaigns to date are the ones that mix in automation. From abandoned carts, lapsed customers, and welcome series, triggered emails are the best way to start a conversation with your customers when they need it most.

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Design creative that tells a story of WHAT you’re offering

Think about when you’re reading a personal email. The probability of you quickly checking on your work computer and lunch or on your phone in the morning/late evening is high. Keep your design fluid and your message concise. It may sound fundamental but remember the KISS method (Keep. It. Simple. Silly!) Additionally, add dynamic fields to your emails such as recommended products, is a great way to personalize your message based on your customer’s browsing and buying behavior.

Deploy campaigns WHEN your customer is most likely to engage

There’s a plethora of articles out there that will break down the best send times per industry (I mean, TRUCKLOADS) and it’s great to use this data as a great starting point. But nothing is more powerful than the power of testing. Select a few days/ times that you feel could perform best based on your industry and use this as your starting point. Once you have a few weeks’ worth of data, analyze what performed best and consider using this as the winning variable for a second test. Triggered campaigns. But what about triggered campaigns? Happy you asked!

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The best way to figure out how long after a customer makes an event, should a specific event trigger, can be best understood by harnessing the power of your own data. Use data points such as customer life-cycles, product lapse points, and returning visitor frequency to split test the best trigger deploy times. If you feel your eCommerce email marketing strategy needs a face lift, inclusive of these core values OR if you’re ready to take your first dive into the world of email marketing strategy, contact BlueSwitch today to get started. We’re a digital marketing agency and we’re here to help you take your business to the next level! Happy Sending!