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BlueSwitch8/2/20174 min read

What You Should Be Doing for Your E-Commerce Business

Planning, executing, and continually adapting a digital marketing strategy is essential for every e-commerce business. This can be daunting at times. Trends are always changing. There’s always a new and improved tool or platform to use. And there are so many duties to complete on a daily basis. It can be challenging to pick the most important digital marketing tasks to focus on.

If you decide that you can't handle it all on your own, try searching digital marketing companies in NYC to help your business. To help you focus on what matters most, this post highlights some of the essential digital marketing tasks you should be doing for your e-commerce business.


Generate Personalized Experiences

When you personalize your customers’ experiences, they’ll feel like you genuinely care about them and what matters to them. When they feel like you care about them, they’ll begin to trust you more. And when they trust you more, they’ll buy more products from you. Here are a few ways to personalize your customers’ experiences:

  • Address each customer by his or her name in every email or communication you send.
  • Allow customers to respond directly to the emails you send them if they have questions or concerns (especially for order confirmations).
  • Send thank you messages and wish them a happy birthday.
  • Share offers with them that are relevant to their individual purchase histories.


Automate as Many Tasks as You Can

Automating digital marketing tasks is a must nowadays. There are too many platforms to manage or publish content on, and there are too many customer messages that need to go out. Here are some digital marketing tasks you can automate:

  • Purchase order confirmations
  • Reminders for items in abandoned carts and wish lists
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Email advertisements and helpful information about your products or services
  • Posts published on your social networking sites

Remember that anything you automate should make your life easier, but should never effect the authenticity of your brand’s voice or the genuineness of the interactions you have with your customers.


Advertise Upsell Items, Sales, and Promotions

Always include suggested items on your product pages that are relevant to your customers’ interests. For instance, if they’re looking at basketballs, you can suggest hoop options that would complement them. And if the items you’re suggesting are on sale or are discounted, that’s even better. Advertising your sales and special promotions on your homepage and through automated email campaigns is also essential. Just make sure you’re sending offers to those customers who have already expressed an interest in receiving them, and don’t spam them with multiple promotional emails in one day.


Optimize Everything for Mobile

Optimizing your site for mobile devices ensures your customers have a similar and seamless experience shopping on your site, regardless of the device they’re using. Make it simple for them to browse and purchase products from their mobile devices. And make it simple for them to read content from their mobile devices, such as blog posts or case studies about your products.

Having a button on your site that customers can click on to call you from their mobile device is also important. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they can call you when they have questions about your products or shipping and billing information.


Assessing Heat Maps of Your Site on a Regular Basis

Heatmaps provide visual data that reflects how your e-commerce site is performing. Instead of providing you with rows of text on a spreadsheet, a heatmap shows you what people are actually clicking on and engaging with while they’re on your site. Heatmaps work on the assumption that site visitors place their cursors over the content they’re interested in.

The map then records the number of visitors who placed their cursor in a particular spot on a page. Typically, the color orange will show the most popular areas of a page, while the cooler colored spots (green and blue) show the less popular areas. After you view a heatmap of your homepage, product pages, and checkout pages, you’ll be able to see where people are clicking and when they stop engaging with your site.


A/B Testing Your Checkout Process

You should always test two or more versions of your checkout page. The A version will be the control page. The B version will be the page that varies. All the pages will receive live traffic so you can see which version captures the most conversions.

For instance, if you want to see whether or not the color of your “buy now” button impacts the customer’s actions, you could have it red in one version and blue in another. Then you’ll be able to see which version captures more conversions. Here are some other items on your checkout page that you might consider testing out:

  • Page layout
  • The font and size of headlines
  • Copywriting
  • Pricing structures
  • Different promotions
  • Images

While there are many digital marketing tasks to complete, the tasks listed above are some of the most essential. Complete them on a regular basis, and you’ll see an increase in your conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

If you need more help with these efforts, reach out to digital marketing companies in NYC to help your business be the best it can be.