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BlueSwitch8/22/20182 min read

Understanding How Word Choice Impacts Your Branding Efforts

When it comes to creating a brand voice for your company, word choice matters. SEO and marketing are closely related in ensuring that potential customers find your business. The words you choose impact how customers perceive your company and whether they’ll buy your company’s products or services. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to word choice and how it relates to your company’s branding efforts.


Different Connotations

Even if certain words mean the same thing, they can have different connotations. For instance, “competent,” “skilled,” and “qualified” are synonyms of each other. However, we don’t perceive these words to mean the same thing. If you’re looking for a surgeon, you don’t want to choose a merely competent surgeon. You’d want one who’s qualified and skilled.


Level of Service

Word choice also impacts how customers perceive your company’s level of service. If your company aims to provide personalized, high-end service, words such as “affordable” or “fast” may not be the best ones to use. Customers looking for high-end service want to work with companies that provide “luxury” services with “attention to detail.” The converse is also true. If your company sells the most affordable products to customers who don’t want to spend a lot of money, words like “luxury” or “high end” would turn them away. Your seo and marketing strategy impacts your word choice and should match your company’s level of service.



Customers will look at your word choice to see how accurately it represents your company. It is essential for your words to match the image that you project to customers since customers will go in another direction if your word choices are not authentic. For example, a company that says that it focuses on organic products needs to avoid non-organic products. Likewise, a company that says that it provides the fastest service must be able to back up that claim with action. Otherwise, customers will be put off and feel misled.



Word choice can make a difference when it comes to what customers believe. For example, if you use the phrase “award-winning,” it is critical that you follow that phrase with the award name. Otherwise, it is just a vague description that doesn’t mean anything. It could even lead customers to question other claims your company makes. If you don’t have proof, choose different words to convey what you’re saying. In the case of award-winning, you could instead use “skilled,” “popular,” or “experienced.”



In all marketing content writing, it should be your goal to be as concise as possible. Lengthy, vague sentences bore your readers and increase the likelihood they’ll stop reading. Plus, less clear sentences could make it seem that whoever is writing the copy doesn’t know what they’re trying to say. Therefore, it is critical to choose words that more concisely convey the message. Word choice can make a big difference when it comes to crafting the perfect brand identity for your company. Using the wrong words can conflict with the message you’re trying to convey and turn customers away. Stay aware of what words you choose and how it relates to your overall brand strategy.