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BlueSwitch9/1/20215 min read

5 Things You Should Look For When Choosing a Shopify Plus Agency

 If you currently find yourself in the market for a Shopify Plus Agency, we can go ahead and assume a couple of things: You’re an eCommerce business owner and you want to build your website on the best eCommerce platform you can get. However, not everyone can just jump on to Shopify, build a beautiful website, and grow their business on their own. In most cases, if you want to be successful, you’ll need help with Shopify Plus web development. That’s where a specialized agency comes in. 

When you work with a Shopify Plus Agency, you can get expert advice on how to build your website and grow your business from the ground up (or wherever you find yourself). But where to begin? 

With hundreds of agencies claiming to be experts in eCommerce, it can be hard to know who to trust. After all, your business is important to you and if you’re going to bring anyone in on the process, you want them to take it just as seriously as you do. 

Luckily, BlueSwitch has been in the eCommerce business long before Shopify was even on the scene, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. As thought leaders in the ecosystem, we thought we’d share the top 5 things our clients consider when choosing a Shopify plus agency. If you’re having trouble deciding which agency is the best fit, read on and discover how to narrow your search.


1. Look for certified “Shopify Plus Partners”


When it comes to choosing the right Shopify Plus Agency, the first thing you want to look for is certification. Like we mentioned before, there are hundreds of eCommerce agencies out there claiming that they can help you build your business. There’s even an expert directory available on Shopify’s website where almost any agency working with the platform can be listed as an expert as long as they’ve done some basic training. 

The real way to tell if you’ve found a good Shopify Plus Agency is to check if they are on the certified list of Shopify Plus Partners. This type of accreditation is only given out by Shopify to agencies that have a proven track record of success for a long list of clients. It’s a much more rigorous bracket to get into and you can trust that these partners have proven thier worth time and time again. 

Even more than that, working with a Shopify Plus Partner comes with additional perks. Because these masters of eCommerce are vetted and certified by Shopify, they also receive direct support from the platform and are given access to an extensive database of resources (meaning you subsequently also have access to these resources). Simply put, working with a Shopify Plus Partner Agency gives you an instant global network of support to really help you take your business where you want it to go. 


2. Find an agency that has the right experience


Ok, now that you’ve narrowed down your list to Shopify Plus Partners, you know that the options you’re left with are more than qualified to help you with your Shopify Integration. However, you still don’t want to pick just anyone to help you build your eCommerce business. This is when you can really start to zone in on what you want in a Shopify Plus Agency. 

Ideally, you want someone who has the right kind of experience. What do we mean by this? Well, for starters, you want to choose an agency that’s been in the eCommerce business for awhile. Just because this might be new territory for you, doesn’t mean it should be for your agency partner! Find someone who has the wisdom and experience to back up their claims.

Something else to consider is whether or not this agency has a proven success rate in your industry. For example, if you’re selling clothes, but your agency only has experience selling real estate, you might not feel comfortable being their fashion guinea pig. Ask for relevant case studies that will give you an idea of whether or not this agency can adapt to your business model.


3. Choose an agency you can build a long-term relationship with


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Ideally, you are looking for a Shopify Plus Agency that will partner with you for the long haul. You aren’t just looking for quick results, because that’s not how businesses work. Sure, you want someone who can help you get things off the ground in a timely manner, but what about after your website is up and running? Look for an agency that will pick up the phone or schedule a meeting with you to answer questions. Look for someone who will help you implement ongoing strategies to help your business continue to grow and succeed overtime. 


4. Look for quality over quantity


When it comes to hiring anyone to help with your business, you always want to look for quality talent. It doesn’t matter if the agency you’re working with has 50 people or 500 people if they aren’t responsive or qualified for the job. Talk to the agency you’re considering before you sign on with them to see what they have to offer. Meet the people you’ll be working with and talk to an account manager. Look for senior talent versus entry level workers and unpaid interns. A personalized experience and someone who can pick up the phone or answer an email will make a world of a difference when you’re actually getting down to business. 


5. Choose an agency that sees you as more than a number 


As corny as it may sound, our last piece of advice to help you find the best Shopify Plus Agency is to choose an agency that cares. You don’t want to just be a number or another stream of income. Choose an agency that is excited about what you’re bringing to the table and wants to see your eCommerce business grow and thrive as much as you do! Success happens when everyone is invested in the process and that includes your Shopify Plus agency. Don’t be afraid to look for the best.

The truth is, when it comes to choosing a Shopify Plus agency, you just want to choose someone who cares about helping you accomplish your goals, and is experienced and qualified enough to help you get there. At BlueSwitch, we believe eCommerce should be painless! And we’ve proven over 20 years that we know how to do eCommerce right. We were one of the first four agencies invited to become a Shopify partner and since then, we’ve only gotten better. We customize our solutions to every client we work with and always take our time to perfect things. Learn more about the clients we’ve worked with over the years to build beautiful websites and accomplish their business goals.