Social Advertising

Almost every business has a social media presence; however, not everyone knows how to utilize social media advertising as an extension of their business. That’s when our social media experts come in. With an experienced team of social media marketers, we will help you find and define your brand voice, as well as create comprehensive marketing strategies that are tailored for each individual platform.

Strategic Development

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram to Pinterest, our social media experts create synergy across platforms to create a unified voice no matter what the ad objective. Our experts are always updated on the latest social media trends and best practices. Depending on your goal (follower growth, engagement website clicks, etc.), we’ll work with you to plan and execute a clear strategy to have a strong social media presence in the vast digital landscape.

Defining Your Audience

Even the most creative ads can fall short without the proper audience targeting for your campaigns. Our social media experts craft an audience of potential customers though custom audience creation, look-a-like audiences, and an algorithmic mix of geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral targeting.

Delivering ROI

The social media medium is overloaded with content. Having content become organically ‘viral’ is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish. Platforms are constantly changing their algorithm that determines what post gets served to whom. We will set up ad campaigns with specified goals and budget and will monitor its performance to optimize and ensure that the ad is fully utilizing all the platform’s features in a cost-effective manner.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the new celebrity faces of the Internet that have unbridled impact on consumer trends. As their title implies, influencers are those who have massive social reach with their original content and strong relationships with their audience. Influencer marketing is a popular marketing strategy that allows brands to gain trust and exposure through the influencers promoting specified products to their own follower base.

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