Our pay-per-click marketing specialists take a data-driven approach to determine the highest performing keywords, ad types, and ads for your brand. Utilizing comprehensive testing and analysis, we work to achieve your company’s goals, regardless of whether the target is increased sales, return on ad spend, or brand awareness. We have extensive experience growing both e-commerce and lead generation businesses using pay-per-click advertising, targeting consumers in the United States and a multitude of countries around the world.

BlueSwitch is a Google Partner & a Bing Accredited provider

Extensive Research, Testing & Analysis

After performing in-depth keyword research to discover as many potential opportunities as possible, we extensively test a large variety of keywords and ads against each other to determine the most profitable combinations. From there, we continue to refine and run further experiments to improve your returns month-over-month. We use a variety of attribution models so that we can accurately measure performance for your specific business type.

Text Ads

By strategically structuring our ad campaigns, we ensure granular control over bids, lowering the cost-per-click and increasing sales. Our copywriters write highly-engaging text ads that are tested against each other to discover which have the highest click-through rate with your desired audience, while our PPC specialists perform detailed analysis of every campaign, ad group, and keyword to consistently increase performance.

Shopping Ads

For many industries, shopping ads (such as Google Shopping) are the largest and most profitable driver of sales. Our team expertly constructs shopping ad campaigns, setting bids at the product level to maximize sales and profit. We fully optimize your company’s product feeds for both Google AdWords and Bing Ads to increase our impression share for our most relevant searches.


Utilizing many types of remarketing including static remarketing, dynamic remarketing, remarketing list search ads, and shopping remarketing, we allow your brand to retarget users that came close to purchasing or your previous customers that are most likely to purchase again. These users often convert at the highest levels, as they’ve already shown interest in your brand and products.

Display Ads

Our graphic designers work hand-in-hand with our PPC marketing specialists to create beautiful and engaging display ads in all sizes. An in-depth analysis is consistently performed to discover which ads and ad placements are performing the best in order to maximize your return.

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