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Progressive Web Apps

Deliver a mobile app experience, no downloads required.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) deliver an immersive software experience from a standard browser window, without the need for downloads or installation files. A more seamless, user-friendly experience makes it easy for new and returning users to opt-in, explore, and convert on your site no matter what kind of device or operating system they’re using. 

Progressive Web Apps have many advantages over traditional mobile apps, but creating a frictionless PWA experience requires a healthy serving of design chops, technical skill, and development expertise. That’s where BlueSwitch comes in. 

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Our Process

BlueSwitch PWA developers use familiar protocols like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WebAssembly to create powerful web apps that work on any standards-compliant browser. 


We get to know you and your business firsthand, to figure out what's working, what's not, and what's next.

Analyze We examine analytics data and user behavior to look for hidden UX issues, friction, and pain points in the buyer's journey.
Build We design and build amazing custom progressive web apps that improve every aspect of the buying (and selling) experience.
Grow A better user experience leads to more sessions, more users, more traffic, and more revenue for your brand. 

PWA development services for eCommerce brands

Because Progressive Web Apps don’t require the same download-and-install process that mobile apps do, they are often much more cost-effective to own and operate.

No more downloads. Ever.

Eliminating the need for release versions and software updates means less troubleshooting, less worrying, and fewer support tickets for your team. By leveraging your ideas against our expertise, we're able to deliver a better PWA experience for for every user.

We're BlueSwitch.
We make the impossible, possible.

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