Vegetable bars that won’t disappoint, rediscovering how we eat.


ZENB is the newest lifestyle brand to promote healthy eating throughout the world. With their main message of ‘using more parts of the veggie that you normally throw away’, ZENB has created vegetable bars that won’t disappoint. Organically sourced and sustainable to the core, ZENB strives to rediscover how we all eat.

ZENB is part of a major corporation, and has extensive experience in the B2B market. This effort for them is one of its first in the B2C market. New objectives, approaches and strategy needed to be put into place with the Client. As with most new brands, creating brand awareness was the first step. Before the e-commerce site was launched, a branding campaign took place in both Japan and the USA. With this temporary site, and help from world renowned chef, Erling Wu-Bower, ZENB’s mission to educate their visitors on the dangers of food waste and benefits of eating a vegetable whole was brought to life.
Once the branding campaign was complete, it was time to build! Using a strict style guide handed down from their Japanese counterparts, ZENB wanted to grab market share from a massive health food industry in the USA. With attractive content, and an aggressive marketing campaign - ZENB was moving in. To start, ZENB offered a free trial pack to all customers on launch, with the hope that if people tried out their product and enjoyed it, they would come back for their on-site subscription service, pushing ‘Live your ZENB Life’ mission.

the solution

After a global summit where all teams associated with launch met and discussed strategy, the ZENB unveiling was in full effect. The launch ended up being a wild success! The main goal for launch was to get the ZENB name out there by giving out free trial packs to all customers who visited the site (plus shipping). The idea was to wet everyone’s appetite and get them to sign up for their subscription service as they came back for more. Recently, ZENB began selling new Fall flavors including carrot and pumpkin, with more flavors and products to come in 2020. As ZENB grows their B2C efforts, BlueSwitch will be there to guide them along the way!

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