Wharton Properties

A force within the NYC real estate industry delivers upscale buildings in prime locations.


The phrase goes “Location, Location, Location”, and it couldn’t apply more accurately to Wharton. Owned by Jeff Sutton, Wharton is a highly known and a force to reckon with in the real estate community. Wharton Properties has procured and re-positioned various marquee properties throughout New York City. From Fifth Avenue, Times Square, to Fulton Street and more, Wharton has spent the past 25 years amassing over 120 buildings in prime Tri-State locations. The key to their success? Knowing their tenants and understanding what is needed and expected. With strong relationships to their high-quality retail tenants, Wharton Properties has led to flagship stores and record-breaking deals.

Wharton Properties, being a titan in high profile buildings, needed a site that showcased their locations as an interactive portfolio. The focus was to have a high impact landing page that could easily identify who they are and what they’ve acquired. The challenge was to create a site that was at once aesthetically pleasing, and contained the necessary information to connect prospect customers to their preferred location. Using a custom platform, BlueSwitch developed the site’s functionality consisting of form submissions, custom homepage animation leading to a full screen slideshow, availability and press release pages, and flappable tiles for properties. With an ever-changing physical portfolio, the site requires constant maintenance to keep it up to date with Wharton’s most recent acquisitions.

the solution

Utilizing BlueSwitch’s Microsoft based platform, the team was able to create a manager system for Wharton that allowed making modifications to both the desktop and mobile versions of the site simple. BlueSwitch then used high quality, high resolution images to build up a LookBook as professional as it is successful. The team lead multiple onboarding discussions and continues to make modifications to the site to keep it up to date. To this day, the Wharton Properties team and BlueSwitch team still work in tandem to publicize their name and ensure that they’re featured as the high-end real estate group that they are.

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