These fun and high-quality suits represent those who don’t take themselves too seriously but still want to maintain a sense of style.


Since inventing the category in 2012, OppoSuits has created over 100 designs for crazy suits and sold them in over 50 countries. Featured in Esquire, USA Today, GQ, and Forbes and worn by celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel and Andy Samberg, OppoSuits has generated legions of imitators attempting to replicate its success.

OppoSuits came to BlueSwitch looking for a digital marketing agency to translate its B2B success into a thriving ecommerce business selling direct-to-consumer. BlueSwitch was challenged with devising an SEO and PPC strategy for a company that had never done any digital marketing. OppoSuits was looking to grow quickly and needed to ensure that ecommerce would become a significant part of its business.

the solution

After performing an SEO audit, BlueSwitch developed a comprehensive strategy to generate more organic traffic through on-page optimization and link building, increasing organic traffic by over 125%. As OppoSuits had never done any PPC advertising, BlueSwitch was responsible for developing, building, and implementing all PPC campaigns for Google AdWords and Bing Ads, which resulted in a very large stream of revenue that was previously unavailable to the company.

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