Making mealtime easy! They prepare and deliver for you to cook and enjoy.


HomeCooked’s philosophy is that eating well shouldn’t need to be a chore, they’ll cover dinner so that you don’t lose time with your loved ones. HomeCooked founder, Claire Guarino, decided to find a solution so that busy parents could serve meals they feel good about at the family dinner table. What separates them from fellow competitors, who deliver ingredients to your door, is that HomeCooked prepares everything, all you need to do is pop it in the microwave or oven to heat to serving temperatures. For the past 12 years, they’ve been preparing already cooked meals for families in Paoli, Royersford and other adjacent Pennsylvania locations. After finding success within the community, they have since expanded to offering cooking workshops and cooking camps for kids. Constantly increasing their reach, they contacted BlueSwitch to help them in their expansion.

For the past few years, the team at HomeCooked has been working off a custom website solution that needed updating and modernizing to handle their growing business. They asked BlueSwitch to re-platform their site to Shopify, maintaining many functions their current site had, while adding newer ambitious features for an overall better user experience. The primary challenge was creating a custom algorithm to only allow customers to enter in their location, but the date and time they wanted their food delivered as well. While previously created on a complex system, BlueSwitch had to replicate the algorithm in a simpler way. This would then display different menus based on the selections for customers to pick their preferred meals. Integrating with Shopify’s system, BlueSwitch then needed to develop a way to register all of this information into custom reports to help provide HomeCooked with the information they needed to prepare orders and deliver them on time to the correct locations.

the solution

Getting many unique features added required BlueSwitch to think outside the box and start creating libraries to encrypt and decrypt code that worked behind the scenes, but still appeared simply on the front-end. Making use of the strength of Shopify, the site was customized with the customer in mind. HomeCooked now has a responsive site that allows them to display menus based on the customer’s choices, as well as set standards on what order quantities are eligible to be shipped to certain locations. BlueSwitch worked closely with Claire and her team to hone in on the aesthetic of the site and the collectable information from the custom reporting. This is just the start of BlueSwitch’s collaboration with HomeCooked, and looks forward to working with them in the future.

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