Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore brought Flower Beauty to life with the idea that every product should make you look and feel great in your OWN skin.


Drew Barrymore’s makeup brand, Flower Beauty, has quickly evolved into a cosmetic powerhouse. Learn about how we transformed their old website into the new user friendly, stable platform that it is.

Our challenge included unexplained site crashes as well as overall stability and user experience issues. We needed to make the website stable again and ensure that there would be no problems when someone visited the Flower Beauty website. Especially since the launch was going to be before Black Friday, we needed a website that could handle large traffic volumes. We would not only need to stabilize everything, but also replatform because Magento was no longer a viable option for the traffic, experience and stability levels required to run the site.

the solution

We had to replatform from Magento to Shopify in 3 weeks, before Black Friday. We quickly customized and implemented a new website for Flower Beauty to help with their issues overall. In the end the site performance was smooth and stable. We saw the site revenue go up by 67%, email conversions increased by 81% and overall conversions went up by over 20%.

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