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Elf Cosmetics makes luxurious, high-quality beauty products available to everyone, at a price you'll love.


The ELF Cosmetics team believes that beauty comes from within all of us. Their line of luxurious cosmetics makes having great looking skin easy by using gorgeous colors and quality ingredients. ELF offers a complete line of makeup and professional tools with many variables, SKU counts, and options. Through the website, their own branded stores, and large chains, ELF has transformed the makeup industry, and become one of the fastest growing cosmetics company in the United States.

Many years ago, ELF Cosmetics was stuck in the catalog world with no online presence. Building their online identity was no easy feat in such a crowded industry. ELF contracted BlueSwitch to try. Starting on a classic asp platform over 10 years ago, BlueSwitch slowly but surely helped build ELF into the makeup giant that they are today. As the company grew, so did the workload. Warehouses needed to be set up, front end features needed to be added, and the platform needed to be upgraded to handle the increase in traffic. As ELF scaled up, BlueSwitch scaled up with them knocking out each growing pain as quickly as they surfaced.

the solution

As the industry evolved so did the technology. ELF and BlueSwitch worked together to add additional features and platform upgrades that kept their site current and the user experience simple and enjoyable. Not soon after ELF UK was created and launched as well, which opened up an entire new set of users that joined the ELF Cosmetics community. As their main technology partner, BlueSwitch guided ELF throughout the years and helped them build a makeup empire, creating a strong and lasting relationship between the two companies.

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