Your scent. Your story. Individual expression through scent can create memorable personal connections for you to cherish forever.


Dimensions Fragrance is an offshoot of a major conglomerate, looking to tap into the fragrance market. After being a member of this sector for years, two entrepreneurs noticed that the market for home fragrances was missing a luxury brand. And so, Dimensions Fragrance was born! Living inside the luxury market – Dimensions began the tough task of building a customer based focused on giving each of their future customer’s their own personal scent. Building the scent for each of these customers is where BlueSwitch came in…

Dimensions had been eyeing out the Shopify platform for years and decided to move forward with it for fulfilling their orders. The one challenge that came about was that they need a custom wizard in order to create these personalized scents. After searching through apps, nothing gave them that luxurious and custom feel they were hoping for. Using the structure of Shopify, BlueSwitch was contracted to create this custom wizard in order to convert people to subscribers of the Dimensions Fragrance. Another challenge was that Dimensions’ warehouse required a completely custom EDI integration, so that they could pack each order up seamlessly with little manual labor.

the solution

Using Shopify’s framework, the entire system was designed and built from the ground up. Through many design tweaks along the way based on heavy user testing, the personalization wizard evolved into an immersive interactive experience. It was then connected via Multify in a complex integration with Dimensions’ warehouse. There, the warehouse was able to fulfill each box special for that customer, all with very little manual intervention. The BlueSwitch marketing team then became involved to drive traffic to this wizard and convert users to the new subscription based model, where Dimensions’ refills the pack every 2 months. As time goes on the Dimensions website continues to grow along with their new customer base.

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