deo Eyewear

A high fashion and trend-focused lifestyle brand that creates quality eyewear from NYC.


deo Eyewear is a new eyewear brand born in NYC. Their handmade frames — designed in New York City — are fashion-forward and feature trend focused designs. Their strategy was "ecommerce first," meaning that the online store is their first foray into the retail space. With an eye towards design above all else plus an innovative pricing strategy, deo aims to give their customers fashion-conscious looks while still hitting the sweet-spot on quality.

Building a site for a nascent brand from the ground up, let alone an aggressive time frame, is no small task. When the team came to BlueSwitch, they eyed a rapidly approaching date for launch, and time was only growing shorter. Nevertheless, they still craved a site that highlighted their product in a highly visual manner. In addition, their innovative pricing strategy proved another potential bump in the road, but BlueSwitch worked to find a solution that allowed for their pricing to work seamlessly with Shopify’s systems.

the solution

Together with the deo team, BlueSwitch developed the brand and built a site that perfectly aligned with deo’s aesthetic. First, BlueSwitch devised a frictionless system that allowed for customers to receive their special pricing with zero effort. By creating an imagery-forward site, BlueSwitch created a striking and sparse example of web design that let the brand’s product shine above all else. The design too highlighted the product’s fashion bona-fides through extensive use of lifestyle imagery across the entire experience. Ultimately, deo’s own imagery coupled with BlueSwitch’s design came together to provide the ultimate introduction to the ecommerce world for a thoroughly exciting new brand.

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