A company whose passion is helping those with special needs through special education software and web-based subscription.


Boardmaker Online is part of Tobii Dynavox, a team of enthusiasts passionate about helping people with special needs. Their goal is to make a real difference by creating solutions that help people communicate with their environment, thereby living a richer and more independent life. The Tobii Dynavox team has created a special education software and web-based subscription used as a publishing and editing tool to create interactive, symbol-based educational activities, as well as materials for special education students.

Boardmaker had an outdated website that was extremely confusing to navigate for their customers, especially ones looking for product support. They were also in desperate need of a style and branding update in conjunction with the rebranding of the main Tobii Dynavox brand. It was imperative that Boardmaker institute a collaboration between its various departments as well as bring the BlueSwitch team’s expertise on board as well. The timeframe was tight, as Boardmaker was the first step of the overall design makeover for the entire Tobii Dynavox brand. The BlueSwitch team created a precise style guide, and while it was intended to be instituted immediately the constant edits and reworkings made for a challenging route to build the Boardmaker website. Because of the sheer number of people involved, along with the fact that content/data was housed in many different systems, building Boardmaker from the ground up was quite a project. Organizing the content alone was its own challenge. BlueSwitch got to work!

the solution

The first step was breaking apart this massive project into different departments inside BlueSwitch. This included:

  • An entire Salesforce team to seamlessly integrate all content with Shopify. 
  • A team designated to help build and maintain the style guide.
  • A Shopify customizations team, who would customize the theme along with functionality changes in the Shopify customizer and liquid code.
  • Content writers/organizers who organized all the content and built pages up.
  • App specialists who would research possible apps to be used and installed.

Once all the teams were organized, BlueSwitch worked with the entire Boardmaker team to build up a site that would help them showcase the brand and increase their sales. Utilizing many of the blog functionalities featured within Shopfiy, BlueSwitch came up with creative ways to showcase content across the entire site. By connecting products to these blog pages, BlueSwitch and Boardmaker recreated the flow that Boardmaker customer could recognize from the original site. In the end, BlueSwitch built and organized everything to ensure a smooth transition for current customers of Boardmaker to get the info they need quickly. Step 1 complete!

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