Bitter End Provisions

Seaworthy goods for "salty" people who have a passion for the sea.


For water enthusiasts and adventurers alike, Bitter End Yacht Club was the destination to be. After Hurricane Irma, the resort was destroyed but its spirit lived on. Rebuilding would be arduous and they wanted to keep their community thriving. Bitter End Provisions began organically as goods, tried, tested and beloved by Bitter End’s crew. So, what better way to remain in everyone’s heart than to give Bitter End Provisions a home online?


Bitter End Provisions is a new brand but born from a legacy that’s well loved. The challenge was to give this new brand a presence online that was unique on its own but still tied to their parent brand, Bitter End Yacht Club.

the solution

Working with the team at Bitter End Yacht Club, we were able to pull from their branding and work to incorporate the spirit of the brand. The design of the site relies heavily on lifestyle driven photography and focus as we didn’t want the user experience to be boring and solely e-commerce driven. There needed to be a balance of buying Bitter End Provisions but it needed to be highly experiential, almost as if purchasing something would give you a piece of that Bitter End thrill.


In addition to working with the team at Bitter End Yacht Club to launch a brand new ecommerce experience, BlueSwitch spearheaded a paid media campaign to promote the brand launch.

Through social advertising and Google search + shopping campaigns, Blueswitch used Bitter End Yacht Club’s existing, comprehensive email list to create custom and lookalike audiences, creating a hyper-targeted media campaign that delivered results even we didn’t expect to see in the first 90 days:


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