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Get the ultimate picks for bulk school supplies, wholesale backpacks, and more at unbeatable prices.


Bags in Bulk is an industry leader in wholesale backpacks and school supplies. Supplying schools, businesses, and charities across the country, Bags in Bulk has exploded onto the scene over the past few years. Over the years, Bags in Bulk has expanded their product catalog and in doing so, expanded their client base. With tiered pricing and deeply discounted high quality products, Bags in Bulk services a fast growing industry.

For years, Bags in Bulk was functioning on a custom-built system. As time went on, the site began to age and it became time consuming + costly to keep upgrading the site. Features that weren’t standard when the site went live years ago, were suddenly industry standard on off the shelf platforms. Replatforming was inevitable at some point but since new features were needed before the company’s busy season, this became urgent. With a short time frame to replatform the site, BlueSwitch and Bags in Bulk got to work. Enter Shopify PLUS!

the solution

Because the old Bags in Bulk site was custom built, BlueSwitch needed to find a way to leverage standard Shopify features and tweak them to work for the new Bags in Bulk site. One of the main features being a complex price tiers system where items get discounted based on how many are purchased (on a fly). Using their homegrown app Multify, and leveraging variants in a creative way, BlueSwitch was able to get this done. This feature, along with a slew of other customizations, the new Bags in Bulk site was born! After connecting the Shopify order manager thru Multify to Bags in Bulk’s EDI system, the new site launched only 2 months after work had started. Good work paid off as customers instantly fell in love with the updated design and cleaner checkout system. Success!

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