Baby Brezza

A pioneer in the baby feeding market; these products use fewer parts, require less effort, and make clean-up a breeze!


Baby Brezza is a pioneer in the baby feeding market. With a product line of numerous creative inventions, Baby Brezza has taken the baby market by storm to ease the lives of new parents. With their main food processor products, Baby Brezza has expanded their line to baby bottles and cups. By creating high quality and reliable products, Baby Brezza aims to get new parents into the Baby Brezza ecosystem and continue to provide them with new products as they grow up with their babies.

Baby Brezza is not a newcomer to the industry, but their old website made them look like they were stuck in the past. Since their products are state-of-the art, Baby Brezza was having a problem showcasing that on such an outdated system. Educating the customer about their products was also an issue. People loved their food processors — but most didn’t grasp the full potential of it could accomplish. Their old site had an entire section of ‘how to’ guides, but were hidden and visited infrequently. BlueSwitch was contracted to rebuild their site from the ground up, showcasing the full potential of their products.

the solution

Baby Brezza had great product shots along with valuable learning material to work with. Showcasing it was the real issue. BlueSwitch created an entire website based around informing the customer of their main product – The Formula Pro – and best ways to use it. By collecting and organizing their recipes Saving new parents time also became a driver of the site, along with converting the customer to actually purchase the product. After focusing on that aspect of the company, BlueSwitch was hired to consult the best way to push their new product lines without going away from their main product line. The launch was successful as more products and product bundles were introduced soon after.

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