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BlueSwitch6/15/20183 min read

Understanding How Your Product Descriptions Impact Online Sales

If your company operates an e-commerce store, your customers base most of their buying decisions on your product descriptions. Product descriptions are hugely important in e-commerce advertising. Ineffective product descriptions can cost you in sales; while vividly detailed product descriptions can drive increased sales. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when determining how effectively your product descriptions are impacting the customer’s choice to buy your company’s products and services.


Put the Customer First

Some companies write product descriptions about why their company’s XYZ product is the best. The description will start out with how the company offers the best product and how many years the company’s been in business. Instead, they should consider writing about some practical and specific reasons why the customer would want to buy this product and what purpose it serves. Better product descriptions provide details about how this product is the best value for the customer. Does it accomplish a task more quickly? Is it less expensive than others? By putting the customer first, it is easier to encourage them to choose your product based on their specific needs in relation to cost and functionality.


What Problem Does It Solve?

Customers want to buy products or services that solve problems. Your product description should clearly articulate which issues your product or service addresses and resolves in your customers’ lives. For instance, if you sell cloth diapers, what challenges do cloth diaper users face that your product solves? Perhaps your company’s cloth diapers close more easily, prevent more leaks, or feature unbleached cotton that uses less energy to produce. Whatever the advantages are, make sure this information is central in your product description. It will ensure that your e-commerce advertising excels!


Walk Customers through the Product’s Features

Buying products online can be difficult for customers, especially if they’ve never used the product before. They may not know how to use it, which is a major deterrent to completing a purchase. If you want your customers to buy a product, you need to answer the most relevant and common questions they may ask, such as proper maintenance. Make sure your product descriptions walk customers through using your product or service, so they know what to expect.


Tackle Objections with Facts

As with any sales cycle, customers will come up with objections. Your product descriptions present an opportunity to not only anticipate any possible misgivings on the part of the customer but to also counter against them by focusing on the prime features that your product or service has to offer. This information will reassure the customer that he/she is making the best and most cost-effective choice. For instance, if customers sometimes stop the sales process because they think your product is too expensive, educate them about how inexpensive your product is compared to similar products in the marketplace. If your product is less expensive, feel free to let them know why so they don’t mistake the item for an inferior one. Perhaps you buy raw materials on a larger scale and can pass on these savings to your customers. If your product is more expensive than others, maybe your company offers only products made in the USA to workers who are paid fair wages.


Ask for the Sale

Some product descriptions provide details about the item but never ask for the sale. When it comes to online sales copy, the call-to-action is vital. At the end of your product description, ask the reader to buy the product and make the process as simple as possible. Your product descriptions can have a positive impact on your online sales. If you find that a specific product is underperforming, look at its product description. You may find that it could use improvement.