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BlueSwitch 4/7/2016 1 min read

Simple Ways to Save When Shopping Online

On Amazon prices change in real-time, which offers you an opportunity to get some great deals on products you want to buy. Ecommerce advertising is ever-changing, but something that can be monitored and updated. It's also something that is used when you're shopping for anything online. Here's an example of how tracking and ecommerce advertising go hand-in-hand. Using, you tell the website what items you want to buy and the price you are willing to pay. Once you do that, Camel will watch the items for you and email you as soon as the item goes down to the price you wanted. There are 4 ways to set this up, but I prefer using wishlist synchronization which automatically tracks prices on anything you add to your Amazon Wishlist. I have it setup to alert me when anything in my wishlist goes 20% or more below the price it was when I added it to my wishlist. Click here for instructions on setting up a simple price watch. Click here to setup wishlist synchronization. Important: Make sure to track 3rd party prices as well when Camel gives you the option. This will give you alerts no matter who is selling the item on Amazon.