How to Lunch When You’re Busy & Broke

Oh Carp. Your belly is rumbling, your wallet is nearly empty, and your work is piled higher than you are tall! It’s not a fun situation to be in. Luckily, I’ve figured out some ways to eat on the fly without breaking the bank. Let me also preface by saying: THIS ISN’T ANOTHER ARTICLE ABOUT HOW TO EAT HEALTHY! This is an article about how to get gourmet pizza for $6. Okay, fine, you can get a salad or turkey sandwich. But let me tell you, pizza is delicious. I digress. There are two schemes that I’ve either come up with or joined a cult for to devour all that New York, and the Financial District, has to offer. I’ll share them with you:

Amazon Prime Right to Your Desk

First, Amazon Prime Now. If you’re in the five boroughs and have a desk drawer or access to a refrigerator, lunch is almost ready for you. I like to order a loaf of bread, fresh sliced cheese, fresh sliced deli meat, fixins (e.g. mayonnaise), and a few snacks to keep around, I’m personally addicted to vegetable chips. I make a sandwich, nom down some veggie chips, and drink a sparkling water. Everything is delivered fresh to the office and I don’t have to cart produce around on the subway or up and down tourist filled Broadway.

The Sexier Way to Order a Sandwich

If monotony isn’t your game, there are other less boring options. My FAVORITE interwebz hustle/app is something called MealPal. This is an app where you prepay your lunches, in bulk, at around $6 per day. I, and my fellow BlueSwitchers, eat pizza, burritos, poke bowls, burgers, sandwiches, falafel, curry, ramen, sushi, and myriad other things. For six bucks. SIX. BUCKS. There’s a caveat to this, however. You buy the lunches in advance, twelve at a time, then select vittles from a pre-selected menu of goodness.

Even More Info on this Sexy Sandwich Ordering

Unfortunately, if you don’t use all twelve of those meals, you lose them to the nether. You have a month to use twelve meals, which is three meals per week. This works as a cost saver in the long term because of the quality of the restaurants and food that is available. Let’s use a margherita pizza at this fancy fast casual pizza joint on Wall Street as an example. The pizza is $9. You pay $6. That’s a savings of $3. If you eat that pizza twelve times, that’s a savings of $36 a month, or something over $400 a year. It’s a deal. Click the link above and sign up. We’ll both get some treats, like Amazon gift cards that you can then use to buy lunch meat and sparkling water with.

Remember kids, Blue Archer needs sustenance to run the gauntlet and so do you, and it is possible to eat cheap in the city that doesn’t sleep.

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