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5 Things to Learn About Marketing from Top Online Beauty Brands

By September 26, 2018 No Comments

Whether your company sells beauty products or simply wants to improve its marketing efforts in a different industry, there’s a lot to learn about marketing from top online beauty brands. These companies have developed strategies to engage their audiences and to build a following. Here are five things that you can learn about marketing from top online beauty brands that can help your company create better content.

How-to Tutorials

One area in which top online beauty brands thrive is creating how-to tutorials that show customers how to use their products to achieve the look they want. This can mean covering up facial scars with foundation or creating the perfect smokey eye. These companies identify what their customers want to know and develop written or video-based content to provide real answers to these questions.

Affiliate Marketing

Several top online beauty brands have affiliate marketing programs where bloggers, other companies, and others can sign up to receive a small commission based on the sales they generate. If the blogger generates a sale, only then would they receive a commission. This is helpful as a content generation strategy since the bloggers would need to create content as a way to distribute their affiliate link to potential visitors.

Working with Influencers

Many beauty brands of all sizes work with influencers, especially on YouTube. The company pays a fee to the influencer to share the company’s product or services with their followers. For instance, a natural makeup company pays a popular YouTube creator with a channel devoted to eco-conscious living to post a video about their all natural, zero waste eyeliner. Since the YouTube channel’s 300,000 subscribers already have an interest in eco-conscious living, there is a significant chance that the video will reach potential customers in their target market.

Writing Mobile-Friendly Stories

Storytelling is an excellent way to engage with like-minded customers. However, most people now read a considerable amount of information, such as blog posts and short articles, from their mobile devices in small periods of time that they have, whether commuting on public transportation or while waiting for an appointment. This means that the stories that your company chooses to share must be short enough to be read during this time and mobile-friendly. You won’t want to include too many pictures or video clips that may slow down the loading speed or make it difficult to enjoy on the go.

Empowerment Messaging

Customers want to buy from companies that empower them to be their best selves and not cover up or conceal what they don’t like about themselves. This includes messages about being beautiful in a different way. Think “real women have curves.” Empowering messages make customers want to choose your brand over another that makes them feel less positive.

Some of the internet’s best beauty brands have found success marketing their products online. This includes online-only brands and retail behemoths. Your company can use many of these same tactics to create engaging, powerful, and positive content that can generate sales, even outside of the beauty industry.

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