Ways to Thank E-Commerce Customers and Cultivate Relationships

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Customers are real people. They like to spend money with companies they know and trust, especially if they feel appreciated. Here are some ways to thank your e-commerce customers so they will have long-term relationships with your brand.

Exclusive Discounts

If a customer makes a purchase, offer them an exclusive discount for a future purchase on their invoice or receipt. This encourages customers to make an additional purchase and rewards them for their patronage. Often a 10% discount is enough to create a sales-friendly environment where customers are more apt to buy.

Phone Calls

Most e-commerce developers only have an online relationship with their customers. What would happen if you called them? This could transform your customer relationships by making them feel appreciated. It also shows that your brand is made up of real people who care about them and value their business. Some purposes for calling include thanking them for a recent purchase, asking for honest customer feedback, or letting them know about an upcoming sale early. Since other e-commerce developers aren’t using this strategy, it can be particularly useful.

Follow-up Emails

For many companies, the interaction with customers stops after they receive their item or service. This is not how relationships are built. Instead, try to think of the purchase as just a part of the relationship. After they receive the product, send them an email asking if there’s anything they need help with. You can even ask them to rate their buying experience to identify ways to improve.

Free Gifts

People love gifts. If your company sends out physical products, consider throwing in a giveaway. It doesn’t even have to be related to your product necessarily to create an atmosphere where your customer feels cared for.

For instance, Lil Helpers Cloth Diapers sends handwritten cards, tea bags for a cup of relaxing tea, sample-size chocolates, and other surprise gifts to customers with their purchases, along with the purchase of their deeply discounted trial diaper.

This demonstrates to new customers the level of superior customer service they can expect to receive if they buy more products from Lil Helpers Cloth Diapers. The company continues to this practice on subsequent purchases, so customers don’t mind paying more for this brand than its competitors because of the extra surprise.

VIP Groups or Events

If you have a core group of customers located in one place, consider hosting a VIP event for your top customers for the year. Take lots of pictures of how your company treats its loyal customers. If you don’t have a concentrated group of customers, you could have a VIP group on Facebook where you announce special sales, discounts, and offers to customers who spend the most money with your company each year.

Thanking your customers is part of providing excellent customer service. The more you do it, the more valued customers feel. The more they’ll spend with your company as a result.

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