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4 Websites You Can Create Posts On to Drive Traffic

By July 12, 2018 No Comments

Creating written posts on another website is a good way to connect with new customers. New customers may not know about your website yet. Here are four websites you can create high traffic posts on.


Quora is a website where users post their questions, and other people provide answers. You can set up an account to answer questions related to your industry. The posts stay online forever, so as more people ask the same question, they can find your post. For instance, if you create eco-friendly baby products, new moms and dads go onto Quora to ask which the best products are for their baby. You write up a short post about your products and explain why it’s the best option available.

The most effective Quora posts provide real value to the readers and aren’t too promotional. Instead of only including how to buy the product from your business’s e-commerce site, explain how to use it and give other general tips the audience will use. The most valuable posts get upvoted to the top spot, where the highest number of people will be able to read it.


Medium is a very popular website that gets a tremendous amount of traffic. You can set up a free account to write articles on Medium. Sales related posts are received favorably on Medium. However, informative posts that focus on your target market’s needs can perform very well.

At the end of your article, redirect readers to valuable, related content on your company’s website. You should also include a small blurb about your company so that readers can contact you if they feel compelled to. It’s not uncommon for a Medium post to be read tens of thousands of times.


LinkedIn is likely a website that your company’s leadership team already has accounts on. It’s an excellent social media website to connect with other companies and to create a reputation as a knowledge expert. You can also publish full-length articles to share with other LinkedIn users with Pulse.

It is preferable to create shareable content that’s of the highest quality possible. Unlike other websites, your posts are connected to your social media account. It’s possible that your existing connections will read it and not just people who search for articles on your topic.


Posts on Tumblr can work great for some companies and be a waste of time for others. It depends on what your company sells and the industry. If your company offers services, you’ll need to figure out what readers want to know and keep up with. For instance, a company that designs video games could successfully use a Tumblr to showcase game clips and behind-the-scenes footage of its design.

For companies that sell products, Tumblr is an excellent place to create a post. You can include enticing pictures of people using the products. You can also give additional tips customers would want to know.

If you spend time creating posts for your own website, consider taking time to create an excellent post for one of these sites. You’ll get some exposure with new customers and possibly lots of website traffic. This can be part of your regular marketing strategy or something you do occasionally.