The BlueSwitch Guide to Coffee

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It’s bold. It’s mystical. It’s magical…

It’s coffee.

  • …and apparently it’s even better for your health than previously thought. In a recent study, participants that drank moderate amounts of coffee every day experienced a lower risk of deaths from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, Type 2 diabetes and suicide.
  • Cold brewed coffee is all the rage, and you can cold brew at home! Or per LifeHacker try the Japanese technique.
  • Save money and use your own choice of espresso by buying these simple ingenius sticker lids for Nespresso pods. Keurig users can get these reusable cups instead.
  • The perfect gift: Never run out of coffee with custom crafted coffee delivered to your door by  Craft Coffee
  • Grab a milk frother and wake up to cappuccino at home. Or try a portable frother and take it wherever you go.

BlueSwitch, one of the best digital marketing firms, is serving a variety of coffees and espressos daily. Here are tips from our team and fans.

  • With 4,234 5-star Amazon reviews, Ari G. just bought the patented AeroPress, which  promises the best espresso ever, beating even regular French press, by making single cups in 20 seconds.
  • Adam G.’s favorite hack is to create coffee ice cubes for his iced coffee to avoid dilution. Bonus: toss in some cinnamon or your other favorite add-in to the solution before freezing.
  • Su W. recommends the Vietnamese approach: try using sweetened condensed milk instead of regular milk. Or go all in with this Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe
  • Joe S. and Elliot R. both recommend using the same Keurig or Nespresso pod to make a second cup. Not as strong as the first, but still good.
  • Frank L. calls this the “poor man’s Keurig” and Su concurs. This machine lets you use your own grinds for single cups.
  • Ryan W. says not to throw away the grounds! Reuse them as pesticide or deodorizer.
  • My very own wife Esther’s favorite hack: Pre-order and prepay for your Starbucks using their App. Then, simply walk in to the store, walk up to the barista and get your cup. No waiting!
  • Reader David M Cohen suggests keeping your cup at the perfect temperature all day using Ember.

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